Things To Consider Before Going Into Agriculture

Things To Consider Before Going Into Agriculture

On the off chance that you are considering about a vocation in farming or just getting started, pause a minute to consider your following stages.

Successful farmers will reveal to you that farming is not just a career. Farmers take an extra ordinary consideration of the Land and water for future generation; they cooperate to assemble solid, affectionate networks, they feed families found nearby or across the globe.

It isn’t an overstatement to say that farming is a pride because it feeds families, nations and the globe either by provision of raw materials for processing or consumable natural product for consumption.

Yet , being a rancher or farmer isn’t just an employment change. It is a day to day existence change.

There are certain things you ought to know before starting an Agribusiness or venturing fully into Agriculture. As a new farmer or intending farmer, you ought to recollect the 4ps for New farmers — Purpose, Plan, Product, and People.

PURPOSE : Why would You like to become a Farmer?

Some people want to start a cultivating or an Agribusiness based on a solid feeling of mission, for instance,  they want to help feed the world. A few people basically need to appreciate an innovative way of life that permits them to work outside or have an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Whatever your reason, you should venture back and take a functional perspective of the farming lifestyle.

▪️ Are you prepared for an occupation that have extended periods of time, including ends of the week, early mornings, and late evenings?
Because this aspect test your leadership and entrepreneurial lifestyle together with your diligence to do Agribusiness effectively.

▪️ It is safe to say that you are ready to assume the physical rigor of the work?
Here’s another aspect to take an emotional test on your ability to suffer long, going through the bushes, forest , as well as mechanical injuries etc.

▪️ Would you be able to figure out how to make and fix things yourself?
Your cognitive ability is required in Farm work or in Agri-business.

▪️ Can you handle setbacks with determination?
You need to understand that the expectation of reality is not as the outcome, what you expect might not fortunately work the way predicted.

▪️ Do you have the persistence to start a career with a precarious expectation to absorb information and a lengthy, difficult experience to finally getting established?
One of the most importantly considered is that farming test your patience and you learn more by experience than observation or theory.

PLAN : You may have the drive to begin in a farm or in an Agribusiness, yet do you have the arrangements?

A strategy of business entails what you want to do and how you hope to succeed. A well-crafted business plan can be the distinction among success and failures, and includes a thoughtful list of what you need and additionally how things will get done.
For instance, .

▪️ What are you going to plant?
▪️ What amount will you sell it and when do you expect to see profit?
▪️ What equipment do you need.?
▪️In what manner Will you cover expenses bod insurance cost ? Home loan or rent?
Each business needs arrangement, if there should arise an occurrence of crises. What is your Agribusiness progression plan?

A plan also considers the things that might go wrong and how to prepare for the unexpected?
▪️ Would you be able to climate an awful year.?
▪️ Do you have a disaster plan.?
All these checkmates your profit and losses, you make provisions for them so as not to be taking unaware.

PRODUCT : What do you intend producing or planting. ?

Even if you feel secured about your farm product consider this also.
▪️ Is your farm crop a perishable product or are they preservable products.?
▪️ Who is going to buy it ?.

Be certain you can sell before you plant, Example; cucumber 🥒 plant is a perishable product, can you sell it between 3 to 7days ?
Know your market and purchasers.

▪️ Contrast the cost of your item with the value others are selling it for.
▪️ What is the proximity of your products to the market and how can your consumer or customers get it.
▪️ What are the transportation cost and requirement? Assuming you are intending to grow your crops for local market it maybe ideal to find land close to a city (area motorable)

PEOPLE : This checkmates people in your business team. Are they farmers, what impact would your farm have on them. After taking into consideration all this basic requirements then know –


Whether you venture into fruit or vegetable farming, poultry Farming etc. A lack of the correct specialized expertise could lead to a major loss of investment.
You need to understand the aspect of Agribusiness you are going into , knowing the water content of the soil, irrigation and whole lot more.


Picking from the correct harvest to plant or animals to raise is urgent to the success of any Agribusiness for the first time, they tend to follow the popular trend and do what everyone else is doing. This ends up leading to failures because they acted without understanding .
Beyond just choosing what to plant, you should also consider the use of hybrid seeds in your farm to maximize great yields and profit.


Consider the area and condition of the farmland, some plant does well in moist soil, others In dry soil and many others in highly controlled environment.
Starting a farming career without taking the soil type into consideration can lead to a wasted efforts and investment.

What are your contemplations on these interesting points prior to beginning an agribusiness in Nigeria, Africa, or anyplace else around the globe? Tell me by leaving a remark underneath.


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Things To Consider Before Going Into Agriculture

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