Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires

Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires

Agriculture has over the years, being over -looked, less taking into cognizance, and drastically all attention has shifted to oil, which has left us with little or less achievement.

One of the basic things humans needs in life is food. This is because without food ( including water) sustenance of life would not be possible.

Farming in this tropical part of the world, Nigeria to be précised, is really lucrative based on the approach and level of information at hand. Farming is a common activity to many household in Nigeria especially those in the rural.

It can come in different diversity which includes : crop production, fish farming , poultry farm etcs.
Based on the size of Agriculture one wishes to venture into, farming can come in Major scale and small scale that is (commercial and Subsistence).

Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires
Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires

To pick the nature and size of cultivation to go into, relies to a great extent upon the your capital. It is essential to State completely that no cultivating business should be possible without capital, and the size of such cultivating business relies upon the measure of cash you have available to you in order to support it. Because little investible capital leaves to little investment, which tends to low output.

Therefore, venturing into farming in Nigeria, one ought to take cognizance of the following.

What Aspect of Farming Do you Wish Getting into ?

One needs to sit oneself down and comprehend what aspect of farming to get into. Because farming is in diversity either on crop production, fish 🐟 farming, poultry Farming etc .
A critical consideration ought to be taking on this aspect, this evaluates your investible capital and input.

Secondly, one needs to ask oneself :

What’s the cost of production

In this aspect, many intending farmers lose oversight on, it is expedient to evaluate the cost of production of the intending product. How much man-power does it requires, is it Cheaper on manual implement or on machineries.
Assuming one, intending going into cassava cultivation, one must know cassava cultivation requires more man-power than machineries, unlike rice cultivation which much of machineries is required.

Therefore, the cost of production is important when starting  farm settlement in Nigeria Because it checkmates how much investible capital would be required to finance the cultivating business, either to look for alternative source of income like Bank of Agriculture, NGO, microfinance bank, etc. For loans to embark on the farming project.

Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires
Starting a Farm in Nigeria; What it Requires

Another important factor to consider is take an overview or a survey of the part of cultivation to get into

It is not safe to assume anything when starting a farm settlement in Nigeria unless you have a concrete information about the type of farming else you shall record huge loss. You need to understand what are the methods of cultivating a particular crop. For instance, in Cucumber 🥒 plantation, much attention is needed in maintenance of the crop, one needs to to understand what Time it’s required to apply organic manure, Spraying of pesticides on pest and chemicals for weed else low output is inevitable.

Next is to understand the climatic changes in a particular environment, when a crop that doesn’t much rainfall example crop of cucumber 🥒, when planted between May/June, much losses could be recorded due to climatic factor, crop like rice like pepper could be planted during such periods, as it help it’s sustenance throughout it’s stage of growth and maturity.

The Demographic factors shouldn’t be overlooked, because the type of crop growing at a particular region in Nigeria might not make a great yields on another region whose soil doesn’t favours the plantation of such crop.

Gaining the Essential Things Expected to begin

This is to be put in place after the above hypothesis and a broader knowledge have being acquired.
Knowing fully well the type of cultivating and farming diversity one loves to venture into. This aspect ought to be considered; A seed or seedlings of desired crop s ought to be purchased, Chemicals for treatment, crude implement suchlike cutlasses, mactchets etc needed for the farming operation ought to be bought to get started.

In Animal husbandry, the number of desired birds taking into consideration is to be purchased and made provisions for.

Lastly, is the Execution of Ideas , knowing all the spelt out information above, one ought to implement those ideas to becoming a reality.

Because this is the most important step of how to start farming in Nigeria. One of the off chance that you do everything in sync 1 to stage 4 above without making this stride then the thought is a dead one or a fantasy that never worked out.

You must execute your plan to make it a reality, For fish 🐟 farming business, you design your pond, pump in treated water into it, with right chemical proportion for your fingerlings, get the feed ready on the site, carefully pour in your fingerlings and start feeding them.

Consequently, on the off chance that you are anticipating how to begin cultivating in Nigeria, you should consider looking for master’s recommendation and oversight to prevail in your need business.

In conclusion this piece on the most proficient method to begin cultivating in Nigeria is well-informed and compact piece on tried and confided in steps you should take on the off chance that you wish to go into cultivating business in Nigeria.

Cultivating business can either be capital concentrated or modest relying upon the amount you can bear to put resources into it.

Farming is a worthwhile business and unfortunately, Nigerian government has not done what’s necessary to debilitate her young people whose interests are still in non-existent middle class occupations since government incomes are essentially created through raw petroleum deals.

This pattern needs to change in light of the fact that, with high pace of unrefined petroleum penetrating and burglary in Nigeria, it is sure that we will awaken some time or another to understand that Nigeria is not, at this point an unrefined petroleum creating country, so this clarifies why farming is critical.

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