Cucumber Plantation: Expectations vs Reality

Cucumber Plantation

You wanting to start up a cucumber plantation or you just want to know read my experience.

An anticipation with confidence of fulfilment likely might not be the guarantee of a state of being actual or real. In my secondary School days, I was priveledged to do Agric – science or better still Agricultural science as it may be called; I was taught about crops, both annual, perennial…, Cash and food crops.

It was actually interesting working out on the field to practicalize all that I learnt, I could vividly remember when a practical is being carried out, I will be thrilled with joy because of the expectations of the output – A seed of Corn yielding a cob of Corn with about hundreds seed on each cob of 2 to 3 on the husk of the corn

I never understood this Till I left the secondary school and was fortunate to work on a farm settlement; it was Dawn on me that the hope of expectations is not a guarantee of reality .

My Dad own a farm settlement and it’s about a thousand hectares of land managed and controlled by us.
We grow cash crops like groundnut; Maize, Cucumber , Garden eggs.

For the sake of this article, I we basically dwell on the cucumber crop.

Once a farmland is cleared and the grasses packed and burnt, at times chemicals (grass chemicals) are being applied to destroy the grass seedlings beneath the soil before planting, so as to allow the crop to sprout out and grow well without much competitions by the grasses.

The cucumber seed are being planted 1 to 2 seeds to a hole of a cultivated farmland depending on the demographic factor of the land.

After 2 to 3 days the seedlings is expected to sprout out from the ground under normal condition. Most times it might take 4days or less depending on some factors.

As a young teenager I basically Hoped for the outcome, most at times i place a lot of my budget on a single portion. Though it’s yields are mostly encouraging.

Cucumber crops is an annual crop, at times seasonal , it could be replanted 3 to 4 times in a year but of it’s short period of maturity and harvest. It takes about 1 to 2 months approximately depending on the specie of the crop.

During it’s early stages of displaying it’s tender leaves, it’s being treated 2 times a week; one of pest treatment and the other is a maintenance treatment, Fertilizer or Organic manure could be applied to it at such stage to ensure it’s productivity throughout it’s lifespan.

Between a month of planting, it starts bringing out flowers that will be pollinated before fruiting. At this period, it’s maintenance and pest treatment would cease to enable it to get set for fertilization.

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At it’s fruiting stage, it yields bountifully, mostly a stem of cucumber  crop could contain 3 to 5 fruit per stem.

At the time of harvest, it’s quantities increases in a arithmetic progression and at times geometric progression.

Because at first picking, in a farm land where a sachet containing 50kg of cucumber  seed, during it’s harvest : one could pluck up to 5 to 7 bags at once,- it’s not an assurance though.

But in most cases, the results would be as predicted.

Due to all this factors and methods above one could seems it’s plantation and maintenance doesn’t cost much to manage.

But in its entirety, it’s not,

Cucumber  crop requires a lot of attention, if referred to as a fresh egg it won’t be an overstatement due to the following factors

Too much rainfall with inadequate sunshine will lead to a sparing harvest but not really a sparing harvest but whereby, it’s stem is gaining more More water than it loses to the atmosphere will make all it’s fruit to decay and get spoilt at time of harvest.

Mostly not advisable to plant during raining season..

Too much sunlight and insufficient rainfall will lead to shortage of it’s lifespan during harvest, it makes the fruit to at times get bitter inside because it was produced out of drought.

This also could lead to it’s delay in sprouting out when planted.

Advisable to have a good drainage system around your farm, in order to provide the crop with adequate water during dry seasons.

At the time of applying fertilizer precautions ought to be taking because either the organic manure or fertilizer can get the stem burnt thereby leading to the death of the crop.

Market factors are also either an advantage or a disadvantage.
Cucumber  fruit doesn’t exceed 7 days depending on the specie without getting riped thereby reducing the Worth of your products.

In all this patience is also a perquisite in Farming.

From my experience in the field of Agriculture I thereby understand that Faith and patience is found in Farmers, the ability to bear lost – precarious loses is inevitable.

In Cucumber  plantation, loses are undeniable and profit is also unavoidable depending on your understanding..,
In my next article I we tell more about my loses in Cucumber  plantation as Well as profits.

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