Pinkoin: How to Verify Inksnation Account/Wallet Successfully

How to Verify Inksnation Wallet Successfully

This is a complete guide on how to properly verify your Inksnation Wallet/Account so as to begin your Pinkoin transaction as the coin is launched.

Already many Inksnation members has  complained that there account was marked with “UNVERIFIED USER” or UNVERIFIED EXCHANGERS”.

Inksnation Account/Wallet Verification is Absolutely FREE.

The Verification is to make sure one person is tied to one account only.

How to Verify Inksnation Wallet Successfully
A typical Inksnation Account/Wallet showing that Account is Unverified.

Why Do you have to verify Inksnation Account

There are many reason why you should verify your Inksnation Wallet or account of which they are:

  1. To have full access to the Account
  2. To be able to transact with the Account/wallet
  3. To have access to Daily and monthly IBsalary etc

How to Verify Inksnation Wallet Successfully for End Users

1. Login into your Inksnation‘s Account or Wallet
2. Click the “KYC/AML” button close to the Living Node Reservce
3. Select The State You are and you should be able to see list of certified Exchangers
4. Visit the Exchanger closest to you and he or she will be able to verify you free of charge.


How to Verify Inksnation Wallet Successfully for Exchangers

1. Login into your Inksnation‘s Account or Wallet
2. Click the “KYC/AML” button close to the Living Node Reservce
3.Enter your KoboPay Payment Code
4. Upload Image of Receipt from KoboPay
5. Upload any Valid ID card
6. Select verification type when filling KoboPay
7. Type in Your Office or Shop Address (Full Address)
8. Type in Your Local Government
9. Type in Your Phone Number
10. Submit

For Now all accounts has been verified. No more verification till 2021

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Inksnation Telegram Groups for States in Nigeria


1 Abia State Doncheezy Confirmed

2 Adamawa State Zubainah Confirmed

3 Akwa Ibom State Ibokette Confirmed

4 Anambra State Jephsuite Confirmed

5 Bauchi State VACANT

6 Bayelsa State Kenstans

7 Benue State devkaaisaiah Confirmed

8 Borno State Arolam Confirmed

9 Cross River State Mola Confirmed

10 Delta State Funmimark92 Confirmed

11 Ebonyi State AlokeEjikeAloke confirmed

12 Edo State OGHOGHO23 confirmed

13 Ekiti State Seunrichard Confirmed

14 Enugu State Justbelieve

15 Gombe State sunusi001

16 Imo State JetDanny Confirmed

17 Jigawa State Babajibk confirmed

18 Kaduna State Jidda Confirmed

19 Kano State StarRich Confirmed

20 Katsina State faruqdangi Confirmed

21 Kebbi State Tosyncash Confirmed

22 Kogi State gracesam12 Confirmed

23 Kwara State Olamayour143 Confirmed CBE

24 Lagos State Qbillionaira Confirmed

25 Nasarawa State Audumohammed Confirmed

26 Niger State Garba55 Confirmed

27 Ogun State hartheyjimmy Confirmed

28 Ondo State MIPFoundation Confirmed

29 Osun State Sholacash01 Confirmed

30 Oyo State Enato Confirmed

31 Plateau State Yaks4real Confirmed

32 Rivers State igwegodfirst Confirmed

33 Sokoto State Walebright Confirmed

34 Taraba State RAUF33 Confirmed

35 Yobe State Adamumv1 Confirmed

36 Zamfara State Assembly

37 Abuja FCT Fummy1 Confirmed

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