Inknation KYVC Verification

Inksnation KYC Verification: How I Paid my Verification Fee successfully

The Other day I wrote an article about Inksnation KYC verification which was titled How To Verify Pinkoin Inksnation Wallet/Account KYC which explained what you really need to know about the verification process.

Let’s talk about How I successfully paid my verification fee and then got my details for full verification.

Inknation KYVC Verification

How to pay for your Inksnation KYC Verification fee

Total Time: 3 minutes

InksNation Data Collection

Inknation KYC Verification

In this session make sure all information entered corresponds with that in your Inksnation Wallet
1. Click on the link
2. Fill in your details correctly as it appears in your Inknation Wallet Account
First Name…………………….
Last Name…………………….
Phone number……………….
LGA of Residence(state)………….
Select the Service you are paying for
a. Verification N200 for those who have a national identity card
b. NIN Enrollment/Verification N700 for those without national identity card
If successful, you will see a message that reads “your information has been captured successfully”

Information Review

Inknation KYVC Verification

You have to review the information that you have encountered to make sure they are correct and good to go.


Inknation KYVC Verification

InkNation KYC verification fee payment through Kobopay is powered by PayStack which has varieties of payment methods, you can use any of the method suitable for you to make your payment.

1. Select any of the payment methods below.
a. Pay with card
b. pay with bank
c. Pay with transfer
d. Pay with USSD
e. Pay with Visa QR
Follow the next procedure provided to make a successful payment.

Your payment code and your details will be displayed. Check very well before you continue.

InksNation KYC verification Fee Payment Finalization

Inknation KYVC Verification

In this Session you have to screenshot and also save the payment code which you will use for the verification proper.

  • People who have lost their NIN cards or misplaced their Sims with which they enrolled for the NIN previously, can do a fresh enrollment with a new number.
  • Children can be enrolled as well.
  • No NIN no access to funds even Pinkard balance from August 12th.

Pinkoin Inknations Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

PinKoin will pay every single Nigerian, African and the World

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All You need to Know About NIN NIMC


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