UPDATED: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin)

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This is an updated publication on how to become an Inksnation Exchanger.

So Many people have been  asking how do I become an Inksnation Exchanger and because of those questions i just want to create this article to assist them become one in just a jiffy.

But wait calm your nerves, Do you know the job of an exchanger in Inksnation (Pinkoin), you have to know your know as to be able to flourish in this lifetime journey you are about embarking. Did I Just say life time journey, yes.

As long as you remain in the system you are always an exchanger and there is no going back about that, no way to opt out.

So let’s get to know what’s the job of an Exchanger.

Duties of an Inksnation Exchanger

Insknation Exchanger is responsible for Promoting the Vision, Mission, Core Values, Aims and Objectives of One United Global Family (Inksnation).

An Inksnation Exchanger has the right to Register  new members into Inksnation.

An Inksnation Exchanger also Activates the membership of self-registered members into Inksnation.

Inksnation Exchanger also Provides necessary assistance, training, education and mentoring to new members

Requirement to Become an Inksnation Exchanger

You must be an Inksnation Member

You must be ready to return N30,000 for top-up of N200,000

You must be ready to pay state dues of N20,000 cash monthly.

How to Register as an Inksnation Exchanger

You must be activated via BVN automatically from your dashboard.

You will receive N200,000 worth of Pinkoins after verification

Make sure the phone number attached to BVN is still in use

Login into your dashboard

Immediately there will be a popup asking you if you want to become an Exchanger, Click Yes

UPDATED: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin)
UPDATED: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin)

Immediately after you click here a drop down of form will roll out.

UPDATED: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin)
UPDATED: How to Become an Inksnation Exchanger (Pinkoin)

Select your State, type in your office address, Local government and your Phone number and then Submit.

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