Shattered Hope (contemporary romance) 2


The months following her husband’s departure passed in a blur. Every morning since he left, Stella felt the same desire of not leaving the bed. She got up only for the sake of her baby knowing that if she didn’t eat and sleep well, she could be risking his/her life.

About two months had passed since his departure and in those two months, she heard from him just once. According to him communication from the war zone was not really easy. Stella wondered why they couldn’t just sign a peace treaty and end the war. She felt disgusted at the greedy and selfish nature of the government. They wanted to win the war at all cost and didn’t mind the fathers, husbands and sons that would die in the process. Unfortunately for Stella, her husband was among the men risking their lives for the country and all she could do was pray daily for his safety. She decided that once he came back this time around they would have a long talk and hopefully he would put in his resignation.

Stella woke up that morning a bit disoriented. After saying her morning prayers she got ready for work. After the previous school were she and her husband worked had laid off some workers, she had applied for another job in a primary school. Although her salary was really nothing to write home about but it was better than nothing at all.

When she left the house that morning, she had a nagging feeling at the back of her mind. She couldn’t help but feel that something was really wrong. Her mind immediately darted to her husband and she said a prayer for him as she hailed a cab.

After teaching the second period, she couldn’t concentrate again as the feeling had increased. So instead of moving on to the third period, she assigned task to the children to keep them busy and then bowed her head on her desk to pray for her husband. She didn’t even want to think of anything bad happening to him. She had faith that God will not disappoint her or allow her cry at her favorite time of the year.

Right from time Stella had always loved Christmas. She saw it as a time to really go out of your way to prove your love to someone. Since she got married, she had never celebrated Christmas without her husband and she wasn’t about to start now.

Feeling a little bit at peace with herself, she continued with her other periods. She loved the children she taught at school. They inspired her and the zeal to make them better kept her going.

As soon as the bell rang Stella packed her bag and headed home. She got to the school’s entrance and wondered why she couldn’t spot any taxi there. They usually lined up at the closure of school to convey students and teachers home. But today there was no one in sight. She could see some people already making use of their legs. Deciding to wait a little longer for them, she sat down under the nearest shade. After waiting for like thirty minutes, she was getting frustrated.

What was wrong with all these taxi drivers today… She wondered

Soon she saw a black car coming out of the school’s entrance. Realizing it was the head teacher’s car; she stood up and began waving her hands for the car to stop. Stella breathe a sigh of relief as she settled in the car. She was glad to finally be on her way home.

“It seems the taxi drivers are giving problems today” the head teacher started

“Yes oo, I have been waiting for close to forty minutes”

“Eyaah, sorry about that” after a pause she continued “how are you holding up? Heard anything from your husband?”

Sadness clouded Stella’s features as she replied “no I haven’t heard anything lately. I just pray he is okay”

“Don’t worry dear. Everything is going to be alright. My husband and I will be praying for you. If you need anything or you need someone to talk to, just come to the house okay?”

“Okay. Thank you very much ma” Stella replied even though she had no plans of going to them. She didn’t want to burden anybody with her problems

“Make sure you take good care of yourself and the baby” the head teacher told her as they reached her house.

“I will. Thanks for the ride” she told her as she alighted the car. She entered her house with a prayer for strength on her lips. Strength to hold on till he come back.

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