Shattered Hope (contemporary romance) 1


Stella watched sadly as her husband packed his suitcase. He just arrived home two weeks ago and he was already leaving again. Even though she didn’t like his job, there was absolutely nothing she could do about it. Not unless she wanted to starve. His lack of education was one of the primary reasons he couldn’t get a good job.

Things hadn’t been this bad when they first got married. She met him where they both worked as teacher in their local secondary school. Though life had not been rosy for them, she preferred his previous job to this one.

If the management hadn’t laid off some workers, he wouldn’t be embarking on this trip neither would she feel so helpless. Now she barely got to spend time with him since he served in the military and like he always said duty came first.

“I need to get a glass of water” she mumbled to him and headed out

Her two years old marriage had gone a true whole lot more than other marriages. She really hoped they survive it. Communication between them was pretty strained with all the tension in the air.

God please help me… she cried as she rubbed her protruding stomach. Several thoughts raced through her mind as she re-entered the bedroom. But one among them stood out most

What if he doesn’t come back…

She was lost in thoughts so didn’t know when he packed his last stuff and came to her side

“Stop over thinking it” he told her as he slowly rubbed her stomach as if memorizing it

“Easy for you to say” she snapped and instantly regretted it when she saw the hurt look on his face “am sorry…it’s just that these whole thing is really stressing me out”

“It’s okay…I understand”

“Couldn’t you just delay your journey a little longer” she asked him even though she already knew the answer

“You know I can’t. I have to report to base in two days so the earlier I leave the better” he tried to reason with her

“When are you coming home?”

“Probably a week to Christmas” he helped her stand and then hugged her

“You promise?” she whispered

“Yes love. I promise to do everything in my power to make it home to you” he reassured her. “All you have to do is pray for me”

Nodding her head, she remained silent as he continued “but if I don’t make it back home, I want you to know that I really do love you and if I were to be given another chance, I would still choose you again” he finished in a slightly cracked voice.

A sob escaped her throat as she tried to draw comfort from his arms one last time. Words couldn’t really describe how she felt. This was not the first time he was leaving…but this one felt very different. It seemed as though he was saying his final goodbye and the thought of that alone broke her down.

“Please don’t talk like that” tears ran down her face “you will come back home safe and healthy. You will be there to help me through the birth of our baby” she wanted to reassure him but it felt as though she was trying to reassure herself.

He lifted her chin and used his thumb to wipe tears off her face then he kissed her fiercely. She kissed him back with every fire in her being. Ending the kiss, he used his other hand to stroke her hair “I have to go” he told her softly.

Stella down and stepped aside so he could grab his suitcase. At the front door he stopped and turned to her “I would really miss you. Take care of yourself and our baby okay? I love you both very much” his voice was laced with emotions

“We love you too… Came back home to us” she told him as she hugged him tighter. And then he was out of the house.

Stella bit back a sob as she closed the door “God please keep him safe for me” she whispered and leaned on the door feeling too weak to move.

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