Inksnation sets for a major Come back

May 12th: Do Not Expect Anything From Inksnation - Founder

Inksnation DAO the founders of the first world’s first Reserve Cryptocurrency Pinkoin is now preparing for a major come back into the blockchain industry.

The organization had been off for series of month for what they say is “Upgrade and maintenance into the version 2 of the Inksnation project.

There has been massive registration of merchants across Nigeria State numbering tens of thousands as Buying and selling with the coin will commence soon.

Inksnation merchants are members who offer services or sell products and are willing to accept Pinkoin as a means of payment for their goods and services.

Inksnation sets for a major Come back
Inksnation sets for a major Come back

Once the verification process if completed, all verified merchants will be integrated into the Inksnation system, pending when all transactions will resume fully by May, 2021.

Meanwhile As repositioning and upgrade of the Inksnation Project, the Decentralized Application (DAPP) will have many features is also set for roll out.

The Project which is aim at raiding poverty across the world and most in Nigeria has finally deem it necessary to release the long awaited App.

The founder in his Financial Wisdom for 2021 said ” Paper Money is Dead and currently in its financial rnortuary awaiting the date for Obituary and final Burial Know this and know financial peace because the world has gone Crypto and Digital.”

“For those that refuse to let the dead go, they might be buried alive with it, whether individuals, governments, or Central Banks all you need to do is upgrade and go cashless through Blockchain inorder to be incharge or risk dying with the toilet paper money called fiat sooner than you can imagine”

Inksnation sets for a major Come back
Inksnation sets for a major Come back 2

“If you refuse to go cashless through Blockchain as an Individual, government or Central Bank, the masses owned cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Pinkoin, Polkadot will help you go cashless without your consent therefore resulting to financial disruption, displacement and annihilation of the vast empires you think you have and if you think you can blxk it within your boarders disruption will definitely choke you when it comes unhindered from outside your boarders.”

“Create your own version of the disruption rather than blocking and shielding yourself from the disruption, because financial disruption in this new decade is inevitable”

In Africa Nigeria & Kenya are the most opportuned in Blockchain
In Asiat China & IJAE are the most opportuned in Blockchain and AI
In North America, Canada is the most oportuned in Blockchain

In Europe, Switzerland, Malta and Estonia are most opportuned in Blockchain

One thing is common, non of them have grabbed the opportunity in Blockchain well enough, not even China or Estonia or Canada.

The World awaits the nexr financial world power or the world can best function as a one united Global family built on Blockchain.




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