Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling with Pinkoin as Merchants gets Verified

Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling with Pinkoin as Merchants gets Verified

Inksnation Decentralized Autonomous Organization founders of the world human asset token Pinkoin have revealed that Buying and selling with the coin will commence soon as merchant begins verification.

Inventor of the Cryptocurrency, Amos Sparks announced that the verification of members who registered as inksnation merchants will officially commence on Monday 11th January and will last for 100 days.

In Inksnation there are three category of members and the are the end-users, the exchangers and the merchants.

Inksnation merchants are members who offer services or sell products and are willing to accept Pinkoin as a means of payment for their goods and services.

Once the verification process if completed, all verified merchants will be integrated into the Inksnation system, pending when all transactions will resume fully by May, 2021.

Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling as Merchants gets Verified


According to reports available at our disposal, the verification of Inksnation merchants will be carried out by the exchangers within the Local Government Area and their details will be submitted to the excos and state Reps for final vetting.

A project is targeting the minimum enrollment of 2000 merchants per local government area in Nigeria. This would cut across all business, so long as they are willing to accept Pinkoin as a form of payment for their goods and services so that Inksnation end-users can patronize them seamlessly.


It was also revealed that Mr. Omotade Sparks, CEO of Inksnation has released 25 million worth of Pinkoin to every LGA team/excos for free registration of new merchants. Under this directive, any merchant who is not a member of Inksnation and now wishes to come on board will be registered and activated on the Inksnation Silver Membership plan which costs 10,000 Nair, FOR FREE.


For being a merchant in Pinkoin, some of the benefits you get to enjoy are

Selling off your products fast due to the high patronage you’ll get from Inksnation members who are looking for how to spend their Pikoins.
You receive all the benefits accrued to you as a member on the Silver plan.
You can be able to exchange your Pinkoins to cash directly from Inksnation so you can restock your shop (if you sell commodities), and so many other benefits.


Become a member of Inksnation (this will be done for free for new members)
Have a physical shop
Be willing to pay for your Pinkard and the Merchant sticker (Pinkoins Accepted Here)
Be willing to accept Pinkoin as a means of payment from Inksnation end-uers.


If you are not yet a member of Inksnation, visit any Exchanger in your locality to process your registration. Specify that you want to be a merchant and it will be taken up from there.
For those who have registered already and have filled the merchant application form before now, a pop-up may appear on your screen from Monday 11th January or the verification team will visit your office as seen in your application form.

Once verified as an exchanger, your dashboard will change to that of a merchant.
NOTE: Exchange of Pinkoins to cash or purchase of goods from merchants will officially begin from May, 2021. Therefore, all members of Inksnation are adviced to wait till then. Seeing the PINKOINS ACCEPTED HERE sticker or banner does not mean it has begun. All member are adviced to be patient and not crowd business places of the verified inksnation merchants.

Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling with Pinkoin as Merchants gets Verified
Inksnation to Officially begins Buying and Selling with Pinkoin as Merchants gets Verified


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