Zugacoin launches Scan To Pay System as Investors can now Shop with Zugacoin

Zugacoin launches Scan To Pay System as Investors can now Shop with Zugacoin

In the financial Revolution with African Princess, Zugacoin has reached a milestone of investors now using the cryptocurrency to Purchase goods at leading malls across Nigeria.

The Introduction of the SCAN TO PAY (STP) which was launched in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State brought happiness to Investors as they all shop at De Choice shopping mall Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

“After the successful Commissioning of OPERATION PAY WITH ZUGACOIN (OPZ) through the first ever SCAN TO PAY (STP) in Nigeria at DE CHOICE SHOPPING MALL Uyo Akwa Ibom State, shopping continue on Monday 29/3/2021 till eternity”

Zugacoin launches Scan To Pay System as Investors can now Shop with Zugacoin
Zugacoin launches Scan To Pay System as Investors can now Shop with Zugacoin

A Statement by Sam Zuga founder of the Zugacoin Cryptocurrency reads: ”  Only the person who embarked on a journey knows when he or she arrives.

When Jesus Christ of nazareth cursed the fig tree in the Bible, the tree died instantly, but His Desciples only discovered it the next day.

Jesus was with His Desciples allover the place, but until He turned water to wine, non of them believed Him.

My Mother cursed me when I was in primary 2. She said, “even if you attend school to any level, you will amount to nothing in life”. I cried for three days upon hearing that. Today, I am the first living soul, who has his face on a currency. My impact is on every continent of the world. She is still alive, watching and enjoying my success.

My Father told my church members that they should stop wasting their time following me. Is only money I am looking for, when I get it, I will stop serving God. He even took some of them to show them a church that was better than wasting time with me. Today I am an Archbishop. I bought a car for him before he died. He was a driver but was driving others without having his own car until I bought a car for him.

My siblings said I am not a serious minded person. Non of them agreed to follow my path. Today, I am not only the breadwinner of the family, I am a bakery owner of the family.

I discover that some people have recruited themselves and vowed that they will pollute the minds of everyone against me and my project. Anytime I post a success story or an achievement, they will come with a bad comment to discredit me and disabuse the minds of people on ZUGACOIN project.

I want to tell such people that, I don’t need anybody to believe me before I will succeed or achieved. Don’t believe me now at all, you can do that when my success will become undeniable.

“Me that embarked on the journey of Financial Revolution and Economic Recovery for Nigeria and Africa, I arrived on 27/3/2021 when we successfully launched OPERATION PAY WITH ZUGACOIN (OPZ), the first SCAN TO PAY (STP) option in Nigeria at DE CHOICE SHOPPING MALL Uyo Akwa Ibom State, my journey was accomplished.”

:I will now sit down and correct all irregularities on our platforms, upgrade them to the expected standard. I will watch how poverty will be escorted out of Nigeria and Africa. I will sit and watch how unemployment would be humiliated in Nigeria through my humble strategies. I will watch the economic revival of Nigeria through my increment of IGR initiative for all States in Nigeria and the Federal Government.”

“I will watch the prospects of the 1000 Billionaires I am going to raise between now and November 2021. I will watch how 1 ZUGACOIN will reach 1 Million US Dollars in November 2021 to the greatest amazement of my mockers. I will be watching how Samzuga Smart Cities buildings will be growing like tomatoes, I see Presidents of Nations cueing up to see me for help for their Economic Recovery etc.”

“All the people who believe in me should fasten their seat belts in final preparation for take off to their financial stability destination. Forget about the 3 people that are making noise against our project. They are just like mosquitoes which can only be 3 in your room but the noise will be sounding as if there are over 300 mosquitoes in your room. Those that are with us are more than those that are with them.”

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