Zest redefines fintech with seamless excellence

Zest redefines fintech with seamless excellence.

Zest, an avant-garde player in the fintech sector, has established a new benchmark and redefined the essence of user experiences within financial services. Traditional financial processes are often plagued by cumbersome paperwork and sluggish workflows, prompting Zest to leverage cutting-edge technology to pioneer seamless and efficient financial transactions.

In the dynamic evolving technology landscape, Zest transcends the ordinary by eschewing the mere introduction of a “new platform with new features.” Nimide Falasinu, Vice President of Client Experience at ZEST, underscores the crucial role of Zest’s success. This robust and secure financial services platform facilitates and empowers businesses to expedite their growth. Zest’s ethos revolves around inclusivity, advocating for simplified interactions with technology.


Falasinu emphasizes, “To truly comprehend Zest’s transformative impact on the fintech landscape, it is essential to delve into the core tenets driving its innovation and success. Inclusivity is not a mere buzzword at Zest; it is a fundamental principle underpinning its operation. Zest acknowledges that financial services should not be the exclusive privilege of a few. Instead, it is on a mission to democratize the power of fintech, extending its benefits to businesses and individuals, irrespective of their tech-savviness or geographic location.”

The design and user interfaces of the Zest platform serve as a testament to its commitment to inclusivity. Prioritizing accessibility and ease of use, Zest ensures that even those unfamiliar with advanced technology can confidently navigate the platform. This user-centric approach expands Zest’s customer base and fosters a profound sense of trust and loyalty among its users.


Zest has embraced a noble mission – to make technology an unforgettable and enriching user experience. Its commitment to user-centricity transcends the realm of philosophy; it is the essence of its existence, dedicated to inclusivity, seamless user experiences, and exceptional after-sales services. Zest aims to reshape the financial technology (fintech) industry and leave an indelible impact.

Zest stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovation, aiding businesses nationwide in overcoming growth hurdles and replacing traditional financial services with seamlessly integrated solutions. It continually elevates business productivity while ensuring client satisfaction remains at the core of its mission. The Zest experience transcends boundaries, redefining the very essence of fintech.

Falasinu highlights, “Zest has set a new standard for seamless user experiences in fintech. While traditional financial services often come with cumbersome paperwork and slow processes, Zest has embraced cutting-edge technology to streamline financial transactions and make them swift and efficient. For businesses, this translates to less time spent on administrative tasks and more time devoted to growth and innovation. For individual users, it means quick and hassle-free access to financial services, from payments to investments. The result is a sense of empowerment that has made Zest a preferred choice for many.”

Exceptional customer service at Zest extends beyond a successful transaction; it marks the beginning of a lasting relationship. The platform strongly emphasizes after-sales service, recognizing that this is where enduring connections with customers are forged.


Zest’s innovative technology is not merely about speed and convenience; it aims to level the playing field. The solutions are designed to empower businesses of all sizes, from startups to established enterprises, providing access to tools and resources that were once exclusive to large corporations. This democratizing financial technology heralds a game-changer for businesses seeking to scale and thrive, fostering economic growth and job creation.

Falasinu, leading a remarkable team, curates the end-to-end experience and positioning of Zest’s payment platforms. This multifaceted role includes overseeing CX support, shaping brand awareness, devising customer acquisition strategies, and formulating innovative approaches to drive customer engagement and revenue growth.

She asserts, “Zest understands that exceptional customer service is the linchpin for organizations aiming to thrive in today’s cutthroat market. Nimide, as the driving force behind Zest’s client experience models, knows that these models make the defining difference between traditional financial services and the emerging sector of nonbanks and other transformative technologies.”

Nimide’s success in product campaigns and creative production projects and her ability to connect with diverse audiences have consistently fueled product innovation and growth. She plays a pivotal role in solidifying Zest’s brand identity, ensuring overall customer success through a seamlessly synchronized brand and storytelling strategy.

According to Nimide, “Zest ensures customers receive ongoing support, assistance, and guidance, turning one-time users into loyal advocates for the brand through a human-centered approach to problem-solving, which is Zest’s user-centric philosophy.”

With a robust framework for understanding and addressing the unique needs of its diverse user base, Zest creates experiences deeply rooted in empathy and human understanding. Innovation is not a one-time event at Zest; it is a continuous journey, and client experience is not just keeping pace but setting the pace. User-centricity, inclusivity, and innovation are reshaping the fintech landscape, offering businesses the tools to thrive and users an unforgettable, empowering experience.

As Zest continues to push the boundaries of what fintech can achieve, one thing is clear: technology is not just a tool but a means to create a better, more inclusive world. Its possibilities are boundless, and Zest’s innovation with impact understands this reality, building a better world for all. The ongoing journey of Zest in the fintech landscape is akin to a saga, where each chapter is marked by dedication, innovation, and a commitment to reshaping the future of financial technology.


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