Youth group condemn endorsement of Peter Obi by former President, Obasanjo


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been described as an ex-dictator who is “unfit” to impose a candidate on Nigerian youths.

Obasanjo had urged Nigerians to vote for the Labour Party, LP, presidential candidate, Peter Obi in next month’s presidential election.


Obasanjo had endorsed Obi in an open letter to young Nigerians, where he described Obi as his “mentee.”

Condemning the endorsement, the Patriotic Youth Front of Nigeria, PYFN, rejected the former President’s alleged imposition of Obi on Nigerian youths.


The PYFN President, Maxwell Ogar, in a statement he signed, alleged: “Obasanjo’s hands are stained with innocent blood, which makes him unfit to advise the Nigerian youth on whom to vote for president.”

Ogar said: “Obasanjo’s endorsement of Peter Obi is rather a disservice to the upcoming national politician instead of being a boost because there is ample evidence that whatever this erstwhile civilian dictator lays his hands upon turns to dust.

“His endorsement of the OBIdient brand has consequently doomed the Peter Obi candidacy as Obasanjo’s track record of satanic evil will haunt the LP candidate’s presidential bid.

“We find it necessary to call out former President Obasanjo for his devious double standard and attempt to scam Nigerians as to his true identity.”


Ogar urged the former president to atone for the innocent blood before advising youths on how to elect their leaders


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