You are a miracle governor, CAN president tells Uzodimma

You are a miracle governor, CAN president tells Uzodimma

President of Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) His Eminence, Samson Ayokunle Friday described the emergence of Imo State Governor Hope Uzodimma as an act of God.

Addressing thousands of Christians at a prayer rally organised by the CAN Imo state chapter at the Hero’s Square, Owerri, the CAN president said that the emergence of Uzodimma as governor of the state was as a result of God’s decision.

He advised the governor to always seek the voice of God before taking any action.

“Let me tell you this, before you take any step or action, hear the voice of God, and you don’t reject the voice of God. I say this because, you are a miracle governor. You’re coming as governor, was as a result of God’s decision. So, you are a miracle governor. That is why any step taken against you will be subdued because your coming as governor can only be possible by God.”

He admonished: “For you to continue to stand, you have to stand strong. Calling on God always is a pathway to victory. Everybody must eschew violence. Everybody in Imo State should join hands together to say no to violence.”

While thanking the CAN president and other eminent men of God who graced the event with a theme “Imo prays in a time such as this”, Governor Uzodimma assured all that his administration would stop at nothing to restore the lost glories in the state.

“The government of the state will stop at nothing to lift and restore the state,” he said.

He added: “The Imo State we met in 1975 is no longer the Imo State we met in 2020, when we came on board, the infrastructure we had in 1975 till 1999 we almost lost all of them. So this govt will do our best to recover all those lost glories to make Imo State blossom, to make prosperity the order of the day, to create jobs to our young men and women, to make available assess roads to our rural farmers.

I may not be the richest man in Imo State but I have not come to take your land, money, I have come to create an enabling atmosphere that makes the world see the heritage in Imo State as our common wealth.”

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