Wilted Flower 3 (Short Story)

The attraction between Benazir and Gbenga was spontaneous and simultaneous. They’d met at a pool party, Gbenga fell for her charm and she for his good looks and moneyed appearance.

They started off from there, he loved to talk about himself though she hardly listened, she preferred to talk about herself and their conversation could go on and on with each of them praising themselves.

Gbenga knew he was handsome but with Benazir that wasn’t enough. She would not stop talking about the last guy she dated, an Arab and how money was nothing to him. To keep up Gbenga started using his savings, to make sure his investment did not go in vain he proposed. He half thought she’d say no but she surprised him by saying yes almost too instantly.

Since Gbenga grew up he had been waiting for his uncle Cheif Labaran Elendu Wazobia to die. He was not a bad man in fact he had sponsored Gbenga and his brother Ojukwu to university level but he didnt have any child of his own, so he promised Gbenga his property after his death. He was a very rich man his death meant instant riches for Gbenga.

He once toiled with the idea of murdering his uncle but left it. After he met Benazir and told her about him she advised him to make his passing faster by poisoning him slowly. He bribed his uncle’s right hand man to start poisoning him. His uncle was a huge benefactor for the churches in his area so a clergyman himself brought the news of his death to Gbenga directly to his office.

Finally Gbenga’s long wait was over, he set out to Abeokuta with Benazir for the burial and reading of the will which he was absolutely sure was in his favour. When his uncle decided to write the will he secretly told Gbenga to bring home an egba girl thankfully Benazir was of egba descent.


‘I can’t believe someone as wealthy as your uncle could waste his life in Abeokuta.’ Benazir said irritably, Sometimes I doubt the authenticity of your story.’ She added shifting uncomfortably in the car seat.

‘Benazir dear, always the pessimist.’ Gbenga said.

‘Couldn’t we have just boarded a flight.’

‘You know why, I’ve told you severally that there were no flights to Abeokuta till next week and by then the burial would be over.’

‘Can’t they shift it, I mean he has no direct family that would be of any hinderance.’

‘Benazir eight hours drive can’t be compared to what we will gain.’ He was amused as how the word ‘we’ left his mouth effortlessly, even though they weren’t married yet, he considered her his wife already.

‘It’s not like the will’s content would change if you don’t attend the burial.’

‘If he’s giving me everything, the least I can do is to attend his burial.’

‘How do you know everything will be willed to you.’

‘He told me himself, I even got him the lawyer who also works for me.’

‘I just hope you’re right.’

He stopped to answer nature’s call, he heard a loud hiss. It was Benazir’s habit to always hiss and it disgusted him alot. At such times he missed his ex girlfriend, she was the most patient woman in the world. She would do anything he asked, but there was no way in the world he would marry a woman who had aborted four times. Obviously her chances of childbirth slimmed after each abortion and he didn’t want to be destitute like his uncle who would have to offer someone his wealth in order to have a companion.


The burial was successful, everything was normal except for Gnenga’s brother Ojukwu who came along with his pregnant girlfriend Leila. He was all smiles, he even told him he would marry her before the baby came.

‘It happened and we just couldn’t think of murdering our baby, am sure no one in their right senses would kill their own baby.’ He had told Gbenga.

Gbenga just nodded, he had thought of it and actually gotten rid of his own baby not once, twice but four times and he had thought it was for his own good.


Finally the will was being read but by another lawyer not the one that Gbenga had hired for his uncle. The wealth and assets the deceased left behind were first listed, the list was long and Gbenga noticed how Benazir’s pupils were dilating at every step of it, he was glad she could actually see for herself how rich his uncle was.

‘20% of my over all wealth should go to the orphanage and their managers.’ The lawyer read out, Gbenga was shocked, he’d expected everything to be named after him but what was 20% he thought.

‘Another 20% for my three surviving brothers, Mazi Ezekwensili, Cheif Adediran and Mallam Ibrahim.’

‘I thought you said everything was for you what’s happening?’ Benazir asked quietly.

‘It was so but ……’

‘My nephews Gbenga and Ojukwu, whoever has a son first should take 50%.’ The lawyer’s voice interrupted him.

At this point Gbenga got up abruptly, ‘Are you sure of what you’re reading? He asked furiously.

‘Yes, it’s authentic, it was even written in front of three witnesses, his brothers.’ The lawyer turned to them and they nodded in affirmative.

‘What of the remaining 10%?’

‘That would go to his servant Okwubia.’

‘That’s all?’ Gbenga asked spreading his arms in desperation.

‘That’s all.’ The lawyer said closing the Manila envelope.

With anger Gbenga flared at his brother, ‘Is that why you got your girlfriend pregnant? Ehh ehh.’ He said jerking his brother.

‘Calm down my boy.’ Mallam Ibrahim said trying to separate them.

‘I had no such plans, we made a mistake and we decided to keep it, nothing more. You’ve always boasted of how all uncle’s wealth was yours anyway what happened now.’ Ojukwu said straightening his shirt.

‘Are you Gbenga? The lawyer asked.


‘Chief Wazobia left this letter for you.’

‘Why didn’t you give it to me ealier?’

‘He was precise that till after his death and reading of his will should I give it to you.’


Inpatiently Gbenga ripped the letter and read it.


My dear Gbenga, I trusted you. But you failed me.How could you ask Okwubia to poison me. Did you forget that he has worked for me for 35 years?  Anyway I forgive you, so I will write my  will the way I please.


Gbenga was shocked, he glanced at Okwubia who was glowing with joy, 10% of his uncle’s wealth was a large amount, he ran to him and started fighting him.

‘You betrayed me.’ He screamed.

‘I had no choice, I could not betray the man whose money I have used to feed my family, train my children and run my house never.’ He screamed back.

‘Why then did you agree to help me?

‘If I didn’t you would have gotten someone else to do it for you and I love my Master.’


Gbenga was distraught, his secret was out, he dragged Benazir and headed for his car but she refused to enter. She told him she could find her way, that she’d traveled eight hours by car in vain, she would find a flight anywhere and connect back to Abuja.


Alone in his car Gbenga fumed, he was angry at Okwubia for telling on him, then at Benazir for giving him such advice then at at himself for taking it. If only was what he kept saying. If only his former girlfriend had kept those babies perhaps he’d have a son now and would have claimed the 50% that might soon be his brother’s.

Then a thought crept to him, what if his brother didn’t have a child before him, true his girl was pregnant but accidents do happen and he could also have a girl too.

He was so absorbed in his new thought he didn’t notice the car in front of him when he later saw the headlights and heard the horn it was to late. The last thing heard was smashing of glass.

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