Wike vs Ayu: Southern Parapo My Foot – Olaleye Olawale

Wike vs Ayu: Southern Parapo My Foot - Olaleye Olawale

Uche Secondus, a former national chairman of the PDP from the South and Rivers State indigene, was hounded out of office by Nyesom Wike, his southern brother, who thought he made him and as such, could destroy him.

These emergency southern patriots didn’t think Secondus was their brother and therefore couldn’t see the need to rally round him at the time. Wike wouldn’t let him finish off his term and the south failed to make a case for a southern replacement, let alone speak out in defence of Secondus.


Curiously, his northern brothers stood for Secondus, even though a southerner. They stood up to Wike, challenged the rationale behind the move to have Secondus removed forcefully. And guess what, it was all about Rivers politics and the succession battle in the state, yet, the national politics was needlessly drawn into it.

As you read this, no one has been able to tell Nigerians what Secondus did wrong. The south kept quiet but suddenly found its voice because a certain “money-miss-road” is throwing wads of dollars around for a foolish cause.


He is constantly up in arms against his southern brothers. From Uche Secondus to Seriake Dickson, Ben Ayade, Godwin Obaseki, Dave Umahi and several others, just because those ones were not beggars like a few others, who were constantly genuflecting before him.

And now, because the North would not have you treat one of them like you treat and disrespect your own brothers, they’re now selling some failed artificial southern parapo, for whom?

Let’s even assume Iyorchia Ayu decides to stand down and in line with the constitution of the PDP, the Deputy National Chairman, North, Umar Damagum, takes over, will the south start another round of crisis, since it would take a convention to replace the incumbent in substantive capacity?

Either way, Wike is not likely to end good from this misadventure and his options, gladly, are limited. Interestingly, his blind southern cohorts with questionable electoral worth are definitely going to watch him sink before they move on to the next victim.


Wike is like a typical fly that rides or dies with a cause. He can savour the attention while it lasts.


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