Wike Relaxes Lock down for six days to continue 26th May

The Rivers State Governor has relaxed the Total Lock Down in Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor Local Government Area for Six days.

The Lock down relaxation in Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor will take effect from Thursday, 21st of May.

Wike, who spoke in an evening broadcast on Wednesday,  said the total lockdown would be restored in the capital city on 26th May.


He said: “Residents and visitors of these local government areas can therefore go out of their homes for their lawful businesses from May 21 until 8.00 p.m., Tuesday 26th of May 2020, when the lockdown will be restored and maintained until further notice.

“It is important to emphasized that the relaxation only allows for free human and vehicular movements and the opening of limited businesses, such as banks, supermarkets, shopping malls and grocery shops.

“All land, sea and air exit and entry borders and routes into Rivers State shall remain closed. Similarly, all open markets, motor parks, hotels, bars, night clubs, in-service restaurants and barbers’ shops must remain shut.

“Religious gatherings of more than 50 persons remain prohibited. All public weddings, burials and other social gathering also remain prohibited. Private and commercial vehicles, including tricycles must continue to limit the number of passengers to two persons only.

“The wearing of face masks or coverings in public spaces, including commercial and private vehicles remains compulsory as contraveners would be arrested and summarily dealt with as the law demands”.

The governor urged all residents to continue to maintain social distancing in every space, including vehicles, bank premises and shopping places as required by the subsisting regulations.

He warned that those, who refused to comply with the established orders and restrictions would be arrested and prosecuted for deliberately endangering themselves and the lives of others.

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Wike reassured residents that the government was determined more than ever to do everything to fight against the spread of Covid-19 pandemic in Rivers State.

He said: “We, therefore, urge residents not to panic even with the increasing number of positive cases, which is only indicative of the expanded testing now taking place in the State. Before long, we will flatten the curve, gradually lift the restrictions, restore normalcy and open up the State fully for business.

“But until then, we will continue to ask for is your patience, cooperation and religious compliance with the established measures to curb the spread of this virus.

“And so, for those, who have nothing to do outside their homes, please stay at home and stay safe. Let us also try to ensure that we keep and protect the most vulnerable persons among us, especially the aged and those with serious underlying health conditions from this virus”.


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