Wike: I won’t change my mind about my presidential candidate


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has said he would not change his mind about working for his preferred presidential candidate despite abuses.

The governor spoke at Egbeda Community while kicking off the construction of Akpabu-Egbeda-Omoku Link Road in Emohua Local Government Area on Wednesday.


Wike said instead of taking issues with his detractors, who had already lost focus, he would concentrate on mobilising support for his candidate.

He wondered why people abandoned much political work waiting for them to delight themselves in abusing leaders of the party.


He said such behaviour would only attract dire political consequences because they would end up in bitter tears when the reality of their political loss would stare them in the face eventually.

Wike said: “If anybody likes, say what you want to say that I am working for so and so person, it’s their business.

“Say that I am not working for so and so person, it’s their business.

“That will not make me change my mind about where we are heading to. Do you understand me?


“So, if they like, they can make speculations. After all, that is why the word, speculation is there.

Wike said he and his team were already on ground and in the political field talking to the people and soliciting their votes.

He said it had been established that only those, who bring development projects were qualified to reap the votes of the electorate.

“We are here talking to our people, they are there in radio stations and television houses. We are here talking to our people. When you are finished, by that time, it’ll be too late.

“Be bold to ask such politicians when they come, ‘what did you bring for us?’ ‘You come with empty hand, you will go with empty hand’. ‘You come with project, we give you votes’. ‘You come with promises, we give you promises’.”

The Rivers governor thanked the people of Egbeda community for their support to his administration since 2015.


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