Why I Would Never Leave A Marriage Because Of Infidelity – Patience Ozokwo


Nollywood actress, Patience Ozokwo, popularly known as Mama G, has explained why she would never advise anyone to leave a marriage because of infidelity.

The veteran actress made this assertion during a popular cooking show, “Mercy’s Menu”, hosted by her colleague, Mercy Johnson Okojie.


According to Mama G, she would not allow anyone to leave their marriage for a “Visitor”.

“Would you advise anyone to leave if there’s infidelity?” Mercy asked.


“Me, I’m not going to leave my house for anybody, you are the visitor that came in. Find your way out”, Mama G replied.

“I will so hold my family, so polish it, and sweep out all the debts, and then had a peaceful home again.”

Mercy further asked; “even when the infidelity is constant?”

“If infidelity is constant, it is the one that is an infidel that should go out. I’m not leaving my house for anybody,” Mama G replied again.


The film star also spoke on why she wouldn’t advise divorce in marriages but separation instead, adding that God is not against separation but he despises divorce.

“God is not against separation. What God doesn’t want is divorce. God is not saying we should not divorce because sometimes he does not know that we have violated – No,” she said.

“Coming from a Christian background, we are not allowed to divorce.

“If you pray and the man turns around to become something else, escape for dear life because it is only those who are alive that can tell the story. When you are dead, nobody can tell your story for you.

“For me, marriage is forever till death do us part. That is the way I brought up my children. What we have today baffles me.

“I feel for the children that they’re giving birth to because I don’t know how they would learn something better from their parents.”

In March 2021, the legendary actress voiced out her worries over the alarming rates of divorce in modern marriages.

She said she fears what the younger generation is learning from their parents.

Mama G is one of the most popular actresses in Nigeria who has been active for over two decades.

She got married at the age of 19 and she lost her husband to a terminal disease.

She has three biological children, five adopted children, and grandchildren. She is also an ordained evangelist.


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