Who Gave the Order to Kill Unarmed Protesters in Lekki Toll Gate

CNN Confirms That #EndSARS Lekki Massacre Happened

October 2020 as it may can never be forgotten so quickly by Nigerians as the pains that runs the mind flashes the Lekki Toll Gate Massacre or should I say a Genocide.

It was definitely a stressful day for me at work as I combined office jobs and frequent check on social media to  see what was happening at the ENDSARS Protest ground in Lekki, Alausa and other parts of Nigeria.

Not until after I was about leaving the office I got a notification from my Twitter app that  the light were being shut off and Cameras uninstalled from the Lekki Protest ground.

Hurriedly I checked other sources and I was able to confirmed that Bullets were raining from left right and centre already at the Lekki Protest ground.


When I began hearing all these sounds of heavy shooting directed at peaceful unarmed protesters I came under aggrieved and accumulated anger over the onslaught that is being meted on innocent civilian demanding for their rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Right UDHR made provision for every human to voice out his expression and also the Nigeria Constitution has it that every citizen or group has the right to protest.

When the Bullets were hammering the spines of my ears I couldn’t hold it when I saw a Nigerian Youth Killed holding the Nigerian Flag. The Nigeria flag was soaked with his own blood. RIP.

Who Gave the Order to Kill Unarmed Protesters in Lekki Toll Gate
Who Gave the Order to Kill Unarmed Protesters in Lekki Toll Gate

This was a genocide meted on the futures of Nigeria Tomorrow and I wonder if we were in the Military rule or even in the Banana Republic.

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Many Disturbing Videos continue to emanate from all over the internet and I came across a video where the youths were singing the Nigeria National Anthem even in the presence of Military Bombardment.

I know in tears and love for their Country they weep and sing in anguish for those who were suppose to protect them  killing them and I know NIGERIA WEPT.

The BIG QUESTION  in every mind now is WHO GAVE THE ORDER.

Who gave the order to waste the souls of Nigerian Youths

Who gave the Order to Close Generations

Who gave the orders to bring sorrows to the mothers that carried their sons and daughters for months

Who gave order to disfigure the statures of these young ones

Who gave order to close these families

These were the questions running in the mind of Nigerians when  the Governor of Lagos State said “..forces beyond our direct control have moved to make dark notes in our history.. ” I still went back to dream so sad in my heart to search for these gruesome blood thirsty forces that meted this inhumane act.

The Governor of Lagos State Sanwo Olu recognize very well that Nigeria Army Personnel killed and maimed  Lagosians but what turns out to be a mockery  was when the day broke and the Nigeria Army said that Men of The Nigeria Army was not at the Protest ground nor did they kill any civilian.

I watch in bitterness as Nigerians circulate the name and pictures of the Brigadier that led the Genocide.

Nigerian President Even warned the international communities from fast judgments  as he backed the Nigeria Army that the Videos of the Killings were fake and photoshopped.

These Photos were Recorded Live and even a Popular Nigeria Disc Jockey was Live at the scene of the  Massacre.

Nigeria Army Heads and Grand Commander of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria, GCFR Muhammadu Buhari.


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