We’ll Spare No Effort to Neutralize You,” Army Chief Lagbaja Warns Terrorists and Kidnappers

We'll Spare No Effort to Neutralize You," Army Chief Lagbaja Warns Terrorists and Kidnappers

The Nigerian Army’s Chief of Staff, Lt. General Taoreed Lagbaja, has issued a strong warning to terrorists, kidnappers, and other criminals causing insecurity in the country. He made it clear that the army is determined to stop them no matter what.

At a conference in Abuja, General Lagbaja emphasized the importance of being resourceful and brave in the face of adversaries. He stressed that showing weakness only emboldens those they are fighting against.


General Lagbaja assured Nigerians that the army and other security agencies are committed to ensuring the safety of people and their property across the country. He called on law-abiding citizens to continue supporting the Nigerian Army in its efforts to protect the nation’s territory, lives, and property and to create a conducive environment for good governance and economic prosperity.

He reminded army personnel of the importance of courage, stating that fear is a tool used by their adversaries, and they must overcome it to succeed.


In recognition of Nigeria’s challenging times, General Lagbaja announced that the Department of Army Operations and the Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps will provide briefings to division commanders and specialized formations to keep them informed of headquarters’ expectations and assist them in their operations.

General Lagbaja also introduced a new initiative to appreciate senior commanders who have been reassigned. He presented Formation Command Appreciation/Recognition Plaques to seven commanders who were posted out of command between August 2023 and the first quarter of this year. He explained that posting is a regular practice in the military, and the plaques were a way to recognize their contributions and encourage them to continue serving Nigeria diligently.

General Lagbaja announced that the Chief of Operations would lead a team to debrief formation commanders within ten days of their handover to support this initiative further. This team will submit reports highlighting lessons learned and issues that can help improve the guidance provided to new formation commanders and enhance the security, welfare, and morale of troops.

In conclusion, General Lagbaja reiterated the army’s commitment to tackling insecurity in Nigeria and called on all personnel to remain courageous and dedicated to their duty. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and urged everyone to work together towards a safer and better Nigeria.


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