We will hunt Etim Ene Okon AIG of Police – Nnamdi Kanu swears

We will hunt Etim Ene Okon AIG of Police - Nnamdi Kanu swears

Nnamdi Kanu leader of Indigenous People of Biafra has sworn that he hunt after the New Additional Inspector General AIG of Police in Zone 9 Etim Ene Okon for being responsible for the death of his parents and Young 28 IPOB members.

“Nnamdi Kanu reacting to You know a news article You what I can do’, zone 9 new AIG warns hoodlums terrorising S’East”


This young man we are going to get him and set an example with him, His name is Etim Ene Okon. We will hunt them down.

According to Nnamdi Kanu, Etim Ene Okon was the one behind the death of his Parents and 28 IPOB members on the day they laid seige in his house wanting to kill him in 2017.


“If Britain respects me for something it is because when I want to do something I tell them in advance before I do it, Nevertheless my appearance at the Hague is long over due.”

“We are going to set an example with this idiot so that the world will understand.”

I swear to Almighty God in heaven we will find him,where ever we see him he is going to die.

Now we shall take the war to him. We must treat him the way traitors are treated.


Or else he is removed from office, arrested and prosecuted in the next 14 days for Manslaughter in my house including Okezie Ikpeazu.

And If this man abduct anyone in Abia State again, Rain and brimestone will rain down in Umuahia I Assure you.

We will also set an example with his children so they will understand our Madness, Including Wike and others your cups has filled.

We must find him and His Family and I want all major newspaper to Report what will happen to Okon Etim.


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