“We share your pain and stand with you,” Speaker Abbas pleads to Nigerians

"We share your pain and stand with you," Speaker Abbas pleads to Nigerians

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Abbas Tajudeen, has urged Nigerians to exhibit patience amidst prevailing economic difficulties. This plea was conveyed during a Thursday world press conference in Abuja.

Tajudeen empathized with the hardships faced by the Nigerian people, emphasizing that the House aligns itself with their collective desire for an enhanced standard of living. Recognizing the escalating insecurity issues within the country, he assured that the House is attentive to these concerns and is committed to supporting the government’s efforts to create a more favorable living environment for its citizens.


Acknowledging the strain on the fabric of Nigerian society due to current events, Tajudeen underscored that, despite challenges, the nation’s resilience and unity remain steadfast. Pointing to a positive development, he highlighted the recent launch of two attack helicopters for the Nigerian Air Force as a clear indication of the government’s resolve to tackle security challenges. He pledged the House’s full support in this regard.

Furthermore, Tajudeen announced the House’s intention to organize a security summit. The primary objective of this summit is to bring together experts who can collectively brainstorm and propose viable solutions to the country’s escalating security challenges. This initiative reflects the House’s proactive stance in addressing the nation’s pressing issues.


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