WARNING!!! Fintech Firm Cautions Nigerians Against Fraudulent Online Transfers

Yuletide Warning: Fintech Firm Cautions Nigerians Against Fraudulent Online Transfers

Financial technology firm PalmPay urges Nigerians to exercise caution during the holiday shopping season, especially as December 25 and the New Year approaches. The company advises individuals to be vigilant against online transfer issues or failed transactions by opting for trusted digital payment options.

PalmPay emphasizes the importance of a seamless and secure payment process, noting potential risks such as discrepancies between ordered and received items, failed transactions, and the threat of fraud from hackers using fake shopping websites. The company aims to make holiday shopping enjoyable and hassle-free.


To ensure a positive shopping experience, PalmPay recommends using trusted digital payment options like their platform. The company asserts that its network is 100 percent reliable, with 99.5 percent of transactions being successful on the PalmPay app. In addition, PalmPay offers users various discount packages and bonuses for paying bills, shopping, and sending or receiving money through their app, distinguishing it from other competing fintech platforms in the industry.


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