Walter Zach reveals who is behind Coronavirus (COVID-19) [VIDEO]

Pastor Walter O. Zach Senior Pastor of Old Time Faith Ministries in Port Harcourt has revealed who is behind the current pandemic rocking the whole World Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Deliverance Minister who started by telling the the congregation that God revealed to him who is the cause of this global pandemic just few hours before he came up on stage.

He said The Revelation that God gave to him was that the Devil is the mastermind of what the world is going through.

The Pastor said the DEVIL (LUCIFER) is the one  causing this global outcry but said very soon  all shall fizzle away.

Pastor Walter who took his exhortation in Isaiah 14:12-19 said the Devil is on earth to torment mankind and crippling the economy of the World.

“The Devil is killing People through Coronavirus
Locking up Everybody- Stay indoor- He want people to recognize him
Destruction of Economies of Nations
Turning the World into wilderness”

The Pastor Called on Pastors around the World to wake up and fight this monster who is currently shaking the world.
Economically the World is sorrowing, The devil want to grasp the economy of nation but the Church must raise up.

The Pastor Called on Church to rise up all over the World and fight the devil who is bastardizing the economy of the Whole World.

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The Church should rise up and fight- He call on Christian all over the World to rise up and fight.
He said fighting Coronavirus is Shadow but fighting the Devil who is behind is the real thing.



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