Valentine day

First things first. I don’t care much about what got St. Valentine killed, I also believe that February 14 makes no difference in any relationship whatsoever. So as not to sound entirely cynical, it’s a reminder. What does it remind us of? I do not know! It’s only significant since as humans, we clamour for whatever kind of praise or glorification we get.

I reside in Abuja hence I’m used to the urban way of doing certain things although one of the certain things in view particularly is Valentine’s day. For starters,  This I know for sure.

Valentine in Abuja is tempting, colourful, glamourous and predictable too. A handsome man, a gorgeous lady, an exotic(okay, maybe decent is okay) car, a cozy restaurant in Asokoro, Maitam or Wuse II, pink/red dresses, red ties, shiny carrier bags with perfumes, cards and so so so on. Classic eh? That was Level 1.

Level 2 valentine by my own classification is for gorgeous couples without the car, expensive dresses etc. This category of lovers employ eateries(cheaper than most classy restaurants), visit parks(wonderland, millenium park etc) and surely have fun too. I admire this particular level because of the rather natural tone it comes with. No scripts, no overacting and so on which is something highly suspect in the case of the classy Level 1 lovers where suddenly the guy wants to OPEN DOORS for the lady, the lady who usually prefers ISI-EWU now pretends to love vegetable salad and some foods she can’t pronounce and my GUY who is a BEER LOVER suddenly becomes an expert in selecting WINES. I am surely not saying Level 1ers are fake folks but that category contains fakers.

I just gbadun(enjoy) Level 3 lovers- no restaurants, no cards(except recharge cards), no gifts,no fakery. What do they do then? A wonderful evening outing(for the couple I mean) of liquor and meat in various combinations of lager beer, stout, cheap wine, brandy accompanied with asun, suya, nkwobi, pepper-soup, point & kill(I mean fish ooo) and so on.

Whichever level you find yourself, remain yourself. In the end, it’s the efforts that count.
I spent my own valentine’s day at…………………with……………………
Haba, this is not my diary…please.

All the best!

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