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There is no Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Nigeria

List of States with Coronavirus deaths in Nigeria

I was taken to the top pinnacle where I was given an eagles’s eye to for say that There is no Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Nigeria. I come with fact and History and I plea you reason with me.

The Coronavirus is an ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2).The outbreak was identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

Coronavirus was declared a Global pandemic on March 11, 2020 backward to February 28, 2020 Nigeria so called recorded the first Patient who they say he came in from Italy.

Before I proceed let me remind you that Nigeria is a country that has up to 200 Million People, geeing upto 9,000 Professors with millions of Graduates but still we cannot ask questions as enlightened people.

It is only when we begin to ask our leaders questions and we pressure them to answer those questions that we will have an Accountable and transparent nation of which we can call our own.

Meanwhile on the 21st of March 2020 the first index Nigeria Case an Italian was discharged and up till today we don’t know him.

There is no Coronavirus in Nigeria

Italian man discharged of Coronavirus in Nigeria

When this Foreigner entered Nigeria and was quarantined we didn’t get to see a picture of this man and even his name everything was hidden to Nigerians.

Every morning and Evening I sit in my parlor with my eyes so keen to my Television wanting to see the Nigerians that has been Infected with this Coronavirus but lo and Behold I cannot see not even one.

When I log in my twitter account and then go through the The official Twitter account of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) I get scary figures day by day. Some days up to 20 Cases will be reported and I keep asking my Self where are those people.

I stand to be corrected with fact, I will keep saying that There is No Coronavirus in Nigeria, if there is Coronavirus and we have those confirmed cases here in Nigeria then Our Mainstream media should do the needful, Our Government should allow the media do the needful.

Now let’s flashback to when we had Ebola Outbreak in Nigeria we were able to see those who were infected, Even the First man Who came in to the Country name and profile was all made available to the Press the good people of Nigeria but here reverse is the case.

Ebola Patient

Ebola patient in Nigeria

Here is Patrick Sawyer the man credited with ‘importing’ Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) to Nigeria, ‘knew he was sick’ with the virus before entry to Nigeria. He was also advised by the Liberian Health Ministry not to travel out of the country but he ignored the instruction, flew to Nigeria and died here transmitting the virus to Nigerian medical personnel who offered medical services to him.

Patrick Sawyer Ebola

Patrick Sawyer – Nigeria Ebola Disease Index Case

The NCDC should not just be flipping us up with Numbers everyday making the whole  nation perplexed when they cannot be transparent to Nigeria and the good people of Nigeria.

Why can’t the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control and it’s Allies allow the Press to film those who are infected with this ravaging alarming pandemic or is it that there is something that they are hiding. Even in United States of America here the Press are allowed to take motion pictures of what is Happening including in China, Italy and Spain where this Virus has bricked down.

Nigeria Government must be held Accountable and they must be Transparent this time!!!

Ebola Virus

Image Credit: Channels Television

The Above image is that of Channels Televison seeing is believing. If Channels, TVC, AIT, NTA and others can do it in the days of Ebola Virus, they can also do it again.

nigeria made ventilators

Nigeria made ventilators

AUTHENTIC ALSO POSTED: FG, Innoson partner to produce Nigeria made ventilators

Even if they cannot give us Videos they should be able to give us pictures of those who are infected with the Pandemic but the only thing we see is Press Conferences and Audio Numbers inflated day by day of People who are confirmed with Coronavirus.

I think this is a gross wickedness on the people of Nigeria that we are not allow to go out, Fend for ourselves and Et cetera. Even if the Government does not want us to go out they should provide adequate measures (not audio distribution of Foods)- They can pay everyone via their Bank Verification Number BVN and open the market for people to stock up foods and other neccessary amenities.

There is no Coronavirus in Nigeria

Image Credit PremiumTimes – Ebola in Nigeria


We have up to 400 Audio Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria of which the government can clear our doubts that such cases ever existed.

We demand

  1. The name, picture and Profile of the First Nigeria Index case  that is the Italian Man
  2. The Graphics (Visuals) of the Confirmed Cases in Nigeria
  3. The NCDC and the Government grant the press the freedom to go in and take pictures of the infected person, let us know how they are fairing.


When these demands are taken good care of  it will definitely prove that we have coronavirus (COVID-19) in Nigeria.

-Authentic News Giant -Eagle Eyes.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Yinka


    I supported you omo Iya mi! I believe they are doing all these purposely for 5G network, I believe that’s their plan, they keep us hold at home in other to install it and then ask us to go out with face mask to prevent yourself when they put the 5G on, so they hard to merge it with the covid-19 pandemic, that’s why they are increasing the number of infected person steadily because the 5G going to kill steadily when they put it on, my question is, why the issue of 5G at this period? Why that is going along with this pandemic, that’s to tell us that something is going underground.

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