The Woman I Cherish

The Woman I Cherish 17

Henry lay on his bed, waiting for
Jessica. Jessica had earlier called to
inform him that she was coming. He
was about going to the restuarant to
have dinner when he received
Jessica’s call, and decided not to go,
since he believed that Jessica would
bring food along with her. He prefer
eating Jessica’s food than going to
the restuarant to eat. Few minutes
later, a knock sounded on the door.
“that must be her” he said.
He stood up and rushed to the door.
He opened the door to see Jessica
standing at the door. His face curved
in a smile when he realized that
Jessica brought that same handbag
she was with the last time she
visited. That means she brought
‘Jessica never disappoints’ He
“hi Henry” Jessica said.
“hi” Henry responded.
“please come in”
Jessica entered and sat on Henry
bed. Henry also sat down beside her.
“where is Jewel?” Jessica asked.
“he has not returned yet” Henry
“okay” she said.
“so what do you want to learn today?”
Henry asked, and hoped that she
would ask them to have dinner first,
because he was really hungry.
But to his surprise, Jessica brought
out her book and showed him the
topic she wants him to explain to
Henry acted cool and collected the
book from her.
Since she wanted him to explain the
topic first, he would do just that.
There’s no need to rush. The food is
here and not running away. When
they are done with the lecture. They
can eat the food then. As for now,
hunger can wait.
Henry began the lecture immediately.
He explained the topic to the best of
his knowledge, and also asked
Jessica questions from time to time,
for him to be sure that she
understood the topic. He spent an
hour and 30minutes explaining the
topic to Jessica. He was very tired
and hungry when he was done. He
couldn’t wait for Jessica to dish the
food so that they can eat.
Jessica opened her handbag and
brought out the food flask. Henry’s
face curved in a smile when he saw
the food flask.
‘so we can now eat’ Henry thought.
Jessica opened the food flask and
looked into in.
“what!” she exclaimed.
“how can my cousin return my food
flask to me without washing it.”
She showed Henry the food flask.
“Henry can you see now. I gave my
cousin food with this food flask, only
for her to return it without washing
it” she said.
Henry didn’t respond. He just stared
at her in disappointment. He was
hoping that she brought food, only
for her to shatter his heart with what
she just said.
Jessica’s face curved in a smile
when she saw the disappointed look
on Henry’s face. Everything she did
was already planned. She knew
Henry would be expecting her to
bring food, but she just had to
disappoint him. She wanted him to
see how important she is to him, and
that was the only way she could
show him. Henry might not notice her
if she doesn’t show him that she is
important to him, and that was the
best way to go about it.
“I will start leaving now” Jessica said
and stood up.
“okay” Henry responded.
Jessica left the room very happy,
because she knew that her plan
Henry waited for few minutes, to be
sure that Jessica would have gone
far, before rushing to the restuarant
to have dinner.
Lucy received some flowers from an
unknown person, and a card telling
her how special she is. She sat on
her bed with the flowers, trying to
figure out who could have sent it.
Her phone suddenly started ringing.
She took it from her bed to realize
that the call was from Francis. She
picked up the call immediately.
“hello Francis” she said.
“hello Lucy. can you come to the
restuarant? I have something very
important to tell you” Francis said.
“okay, I will be there in 10minutes”
Lucy responded.
“okay, I’m waiting.” Francis said.
Lucy ended the call and stared at the
‘could it be that Francis actually sent
me these flowers” she thought.
She stood up from her bed, carried
her handbag and left her room.
Francis sat quietly in the restuarant,
waiting for Lucy. He had made up his
mind to tell Lucy how he feels about
her, since the last time didn’t work
out. The restuarant door opened and
Lucy walked in. She went straight to
meet Francis and sat opposite him.
“hi” Francis said.
“hi” Lucy responded.
“thanks for coming” Francis said.
“you said you want to tell me
something” Lucy said.
“yes” Francis responded.
“okay, but before that, I just want you
to know that you are my friend. my
very good friend. no matter what
happens between us, it won’t change
the fact that we are friends. we will
continue being friends no matter
what. you are a very good guy and I
won’t like to lose our friendship. I
hope you will always be my friend no
matter what” Lucy said.
Francis stared silently at Lucy as she
speaks. He could only grab one thing
from the numerous things she said,
and that’s the fact that she only sees
him as a friend and nothing more.
She just indirectly told him that she
can’t date him, because she only
sees him as a friend. Maybe she has
realized that he was the one that
sent those flowers and decided to
indirectly turned him down even
before he ask her to date him. He
stared silently at her, knowing fully
well that Lucy had friendzoned him.
“so what do you want to tell me?”
Lucy asked.
“nothing exactly. I just wanted us to
hang out” Francis responded,
masking his sadness with a smile.
They sat there silently for a while,
before leaving the restuarant
Angel was seen pacing up and down
in front of Daniel’s hostel. She had
called to inform him that she was at
his hostel, and has been waiting
impatiently for him. She wanted to
confirm if Henry actually didn’t
submit Jewel’s assignment to him.
Daniel emerged from his hostel few
minutes later to meet Angel.
“sorry for keeping you waiting” Daniel
said immediately he got to her.
“Daniel I want to confirm something
from you, and I want you to be
truthful to me.” Angel said.
“okay” Daniel responded.
“how many assignments did Henry
submit to you?” Angel asked.
“just one” Daniel responded.
“but Jewel said he gave Henry his
assignment to submit for him.” Angel
“It’s either Henry intentionally didn’t
submit it, or Jewel didn’t give him
any assignment to submit. It could
also be that Jewel didn’t do the
assignment and team up with Henry
to lie against me, and make it look
like I’m the one at fault. I think that
should be the case. They actually
agreed to lie against me and make
me look like the one at fault. I have
always known that those guys are
evil. They can do anything to achieve
their aim. Angel, I will advise you to
stay away from them, because they
can ruin your life.” Daniel said.
Angel stared silently at Daniel, not
sure why he was telling her that. she
only wanted to confirm if Henry
submitted Jewel’s assignment to him
and not to seek for his advice.
“okay thanks. I have to leave now.”
Angel said.
“okay” Daniel responded.
Angel turned and left, while Daniel
stood still, staring at her retreating

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