The Woman I Cherish

The Woman I Cherish 14

Jewel became very scared that he
did not know who is trying to harm
him, and what the person planned to
“what will I do now? this is a threat
to my life. I don’t know if this person
is just trying to scare me, or he is
actually serious with what he said” he
A knock sounded on the door and he
turned quickly to the direction of the
door. He was scared. He knew that
was not Henry, because Henry
wouldn’t have knocked on the door.
He stood up from his bed and
walked to the door. He opened the
door to see Jessica standing at the
“hi Jessica” he said, surprised.
He wasn’t expecting to see her
standing at the door.
“hi Jewel” she responded, smiling.
She was carrying a handbag.
“is Henry around?” she asked.
“no, he has not returned yet” Jewel
“can I wait for him?” Jessica asked.
“sure, please come in” Jewel said
and gave way for her to enter.
She entered into the room and Jewel
followed behind her.
“please have a seat” Jewel said,
pointing at Henry’s bed.
“thank you” Jessica responded and
sat down on Henry’s bed.
Jewel went back to sit on his bed.
He took a book and busied himself
with it. After a while of deafening
silence, he spoke.
“have you called to inform him that
you are waiting for him?” Jewel
“no, let me call him now” she
responded and dailed Jewel’s
she placed the phone on her ear and
waited for him to pick up.
“hello Jessica” Henry’s voice
sounded at the other end.
“I’m waiting for you in your room”
Jessica said.
“oh! I will be with you soon. I’m on
my way. give me 5minutes” Henry
“okay, I’m waiting” Jessica said and
ended the call.
“what did he say?” Jewel asked,
“he is on his way” Jessica
“okay” Jewel said.
Jewel stood up from his bed.
“you can wait for him here. I need to
go and get something from my
friend’s hostel.” he said.
“okay” Jessica responded.
Jewel walked to the door and went
out. He wasn’t actually going to get
anything. He just wanted to give
them some privacy.
Jessica sat alone in the room,
staring at every corners of the room.
After sitting alone in the room for a
while, Henry walked into the room
and went straight to me Jessica on
his bed.
“sorry for keeping you waiting” he
“it’s nothing” Jessica said.
“so, to what do I owe this surprise
visit?” Henry asked
“I actually want you to explain
something for me” Jessica
“let’s see what it is then” Henry said.
“before that, let’s have lunch. I
brought food” Jessica said and
brought out a food flask from her
“you shouldn’t have bothered
bringing food. Anyway, thanks very
much.” Henry said.
“go and bring plate let me dish out
the food” Jessica said.
Henry hurried to his cupboard and
brought two plates and spoons. He
handed them to Jessica. Jessica
dished out the food in just one of the
plates, for them to eat together.
They sat facing each other on the
bed and consumed the food silently.
The didn’t say a word to each other
until they were done eating.
“thank you very much. it’s really
delicious.” Henry said when they
were done eating.
“you are welcome” Jessica
“but you don’t always have to bring
me food whenever you need my
assistance. you can always come to
me whenever you need me.” he said,
trying to act like a gentle man, but In
actual sense, he doesn’t mind if she
keeps bringing him food, because
her food was very delicious.
Henry explained what Jessica wanted
him to explain for her, and when he
was done, they both left the room
It was already 5:45pm. Angel sat on
her bed, preparing for his personal
study with Jewel. She put on her
sandals and took her notebook from
her table. she flipped through pages
and noticed another piece of paper,
placed in her notebook. she stared at
the paper and prayed silently that it
should not contain any scary
message. she picked up the paper
and read the message in it.
‘he is evil. stay away from him. he
will ruin your life’
The message was just exactly the
same with the first one she got.
She stared at the paper in anger.
This time, she wasn’t scared but
“so Jewel, after warning you to stop
sending me such messages, you still
went ahead and sent it. you think
you can scare me this way. Just wait
until I get to the garden.” she said,
carried her handbag and stormed out
of her room.
Jewel entered his room to realize
that Henry and Jessica were no
longer in the room. He went straight
to his bed and lay down. It’s was
already 6:15pm and he had not gone
to join Angel at the garden. He didn’t
intend going there, not after the
message he got. He didn’t know who
is threatening his life, so it is only
proper for him to tread carefully. He
took his book instead and busied
himself with it.
Angel sat on a seat at the faculty
garden, waiting impatiently for Jewel.
she was waiting for him to arrive, so
that she could give him a piece of
her mind. She looked at her phone
screen and realized it was 6:30pm
“what’s keeping him” she said.
When she was tired of sitting, she
stood up and paced up and down the
“so Jewel is actually joking with me.
He knew what he did, that’s why he
refused to show up now. He think he
can joke with me and go free. let’s
see how it goes.” she said.
She carried her handbag and left the
Jewel dropped the book he was
reading and sat up. His door
suddenly opened and Angel stormed
into the room. She walked straight to
meet him and stood in his front. She
fixed an angry gaze on Jewel.
Jewel suddenly realized he should
have informed her not to bother
going to the garden because he
won’t be available.
“I’m sorry. I should have called to
inform you not to go to the garden. I
forgot. My mind was on so many
things” Jewel apologized.
“what’s the meaning of this?” Angel
asked and showed him the piece of
Jewel collected the paper and took a
thorough look at it. He froze when he
realized that the writing was the
same with the one he has.
“why are you sending this to me?
what are you trying to achieve by
doing this? do you think I will sit
down and watch you joke with me?”
Angel barked.
Jewel quickly rushed to his bag and
brought out the one with him. He
gave it to Angel.
“I have been getting similar message
also” he said.
Angel stared at the paper in surprise.
She became weak when she realized
that both message was written by
same person. Her angry suddenly
disappeared. She sat down on
Jewel’s bed and took a deep breath.
“so you are not the one sending me
those messages. who is sending it
then?” Angel asked.
“how am I suppose to know. I think
the person sending it actually wants
me to stay away from you. He thinks
we are seeing each other. He
threatened to ruin my line if I don’t
stay away from you.” Jewel said.
“so what are will going to do now?”
Angel asked.
“I don’t know. I think it’s better if we
stay away from each other for now,
because this is not an ordinary
threat.” Jewel responded.
“we can’t do that. we need to study
for the upcoming quiz.” Angel said,
“hey look here, I’m the one being
threatened. if things go wrong, I will
be the one to face the consequence.
so you can’t tell me what to do.”
Jewel cautioned.
“I’m sorry” Angel apologized.
“but we can come up with a plan”
Jewel quickly sat down beside her
on his bed.
“do you have a plan?” he asked.
“I don’t have a plan, but I think for
now, we should just change our
location.” Angel responded.
“do you have any location in mind?”
Jewel asked.
“we can have our study here in your
room” Angel suggested.
Jewel wanted to agree to the
suggestion, but his mind suddenly
drifted to Henry.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea. we can
use your room instead” Jewel said.
“if you are okay with it. then there’s
no problem.” Angel said.
“I’m okay with it” Jewel responded.
“my room it is then” Angel said.
“it will be better that way” Jewel said.
“I’m so tired. I ran all the way here
with the aim of creating a scene,
thinking you are the one sending me
those messages” Angel said and lay
on Jewel’s bed.
“you can rest a bit before going back
to your hostel” Jewel said.
“thank you” Angel said.
“you are welcome” Jewel responded.
The door suddenly opened and Henry
walked in. He froze when he saw
Angel lying on Jewel’s bed. He
stared from Jewel to Angel, back to
Jewel. They stared silently at him
also. After a while of deafening
silence, Henry spoke.
“sorry for disturbing you guys” he
said and turned to leave the room

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