The Woman I Cherish

The Woman I Cherish 11

Angel and Jewel sat quietly at the
faculty garden. They were the only
one in the garden. every other
students have gone back to their
hostel. The garden was very quiet
and conducive for reading. They
were both holding different materials
which they were reading. even
though they were sitting very close to
each other, they had not say
anything to each other since they got
to garden. They were not even
studying together. Each of them was
reading his own material. they were
not working together as they should
Henry suddenly walked into the
garden. He froze immediately he saw
Jewel and Angel sitting at the far-left
in the garden. They were too
engrossed in what they were reading,
that they didn’t notice his presence.
Henry quickly hid behind a tree and
stared at them from a distance. He
frown when he saw Jewel sitting very
close to Angel. He glared at them.
His eyes suddenly turned red. if
those eyes were gun, about six
bullets would have pierced into
Jewel’s body. He glared at them with
so much pain in his heart.
“someone I thought was my friend,
went behind me to get the lady I
love. so people could be this wicked”
he said, bitterly.
“Jewel, don’t think you have won,
because I will surely come back for
you. you will regret going for the lady
I love. I’m going to make you regret
doing this to me. just wait and see.
you have just drawn the battle line.
you will surely regret this. I promise
you” Henry sworn.
He glared at them one last time and
left the garden without their
Lucy sat quietly in Jessica’s room,
waiting for her to return. she had
been sitting there all alone for close
to 2 hours. she was becoming
impatient. She had tried calling her
several times but her number was
not reachable. she looked at her
phone screen and realized it was
already 8:15pm.
“I have to leave now. it’s late already.
but what is she doing out at this
time. Even Angel that left since 6pm
has not returned. will she still be
with Jewel up till now? What are they
even discussing? why did they even
agree to meet up in the first? I hope
it’s not what i’m thinking. I will have
to find out. I won’t just sit and do
nothing.” she said, carried her bag
and stood up to leave.
The door opened immediately she
stood up, and Jessica walked in. she
heaved a sigh of relief when she was
“Jessica, where have you been? I
have been waiting for you for two
hours now.” Lucy said.
“why didn’t you call me?” Jessica
“I called but it was not reachable.”
Lucy responded.
Jessica brought out her phone from
her bag and realized that her phone
was switched off.
“oh, sorry my phone is switched off.
why do you want to see me?” Jessica
“come and sit down” Lucy said and
pulled Jessica to sit with her on the
“by the way, where is Angel?” Jessica
“she left the hostel since 6pm. she
went to meet Jewel” Lucy responded.
“Jewel!” Jessica said, surprised.
“I thought they were not on good
“that was what I thought too. but
Jewel called her this evening to meet
him at the gate.” Lucy responded.
“maybe he just wanted to apologize
for what he did to Angel. whatever
the case may be, i’m glad they have
settled their differences.” Jessica
“that’s true” Lucy responded.
“so what do you want to discuss with
me?” Jessica asked.
“I want to ask ………”
The door suddenly opened, cutting
Lucy off from saying what she
wanted to say.
They both turned there attention to
the door to she Angel standing at the
door. she looked exhausted. she
walked into the room and went
straight to her bed to sit. she
dropped her bag beside her.
“Angel, where have you been all this
while?” Lucy asked.
“I was with Jewel. we were …….” she
suddenly paused when she realized
she shouldn’t have said that.
“I mean to say, I was at the faculty
garden reading.”
Lucy stared at her suspiciously. she
wasn’t convinced by Angel’s
response. she knew Angel wanted to
say something about Jewel but
suddenly stopped.
‘there must be something going on
between Angel and Jewel, if not, she
wouldn’t have kept the fact that she
was with him all these while a
secret.’ she thought.
Angel stood up from her bed and
walked to the door.
“where are you going?” Jessica
“I want to get my clothes” Angel
“let me come with you. I want to get
mine also” Jessica said.
“okay, let’s go then” Angel
Jessica stood up from her bed and
left the room with Angel.
Lucy rushed to Angel’s bed
immediately they left the room. she
took Angel’s bag and opened it. she
searched through it to see if she
could find anything that proves that
Angel and Jewel were seeing each
Jewel walked into his room to find
Henry already asleep. He quietly went
to his bed and sat. he dropped his
books and lay on his bed to catch
some sleep. Henry secretly opened
his eyes. He glared at Jewel for
some time before closing his eyes to
get some sleep.
Jewel woke up very early and
prepare for lecture. Henry was not in
the room when he woke up. He
couldn’t believe that Henry left for
lecture so early. He quickly prepared
for lecture and left the hostel when
he was set.
The class was almost filled. Angel,
Jessica and Lucy could been seen
sitting at the far left. Jewel and
Francis were occupying the front sit.
Henry was sitting alone at the back.
They were all waiting for the lecturer
to arrive. Few minutes later, Daniel
walked into the class. He went
straight to the podium and faced the
“hello everyone” he called the
attention of the class.
The class focused their attention on
“i’m sorry, this class won’t hold. The
lecturer is not available. He is
attending a seminar” Daniel said.
Students started leaving the class
immediately Daniel made the
announcement. Angel, Jessica and
Lucy stood up to leave but Daniel
approach them immediately.
“hi ladies” he greeted.
“hi Daniel” they responded in unison.
“Angel can i talk to you?” he asked.
“sure” she responded.
Jessica and Lucy walked ahead.
Daniel waited until they had left
before he turned to face Angel.
“I’m curious” Daniel said.
“curious about what?” Angel asked.
“why did I see you and Jewel
together. I thought you were not on
good terms.” Daniel asked.
Angel stared at him for a while, not
sure why he asked such question.
“I’m not quarreling with Jewel. we
just had little misunderstanding.” she
“I saw you alone with him yesterday
night. Are you guys……..”
“I have to leave now. my friends are
waiting for me.” she cut in
She left his presence without
listening to any more questions from
him. she didn’t know why he was
asking her questions about Jewel,
and don’t feel like answering
question relating to Jewel.
Angel entered her room and was
surprised to see that Jessica was not
back. she was expecting to meet her
in the room since she left before
‘maybe she has gone to her cousin’s
hostel.’ she thought.
She sat on her bed and removed her
shoes. she opened her bag and
brought out her notebook. A piece of
paper dropped from her bag
immediately. She ignored it at first,
but later picked it up and unwrapped
it. she stared in confusion when she
saw the content written on the paper.
‘stay away from him. he is evil. he
will ruin your life’. that was the
content of the paper.
she stared at the paper confused, as
she couldn’t understand what those
words mean.
“who was this meant for? what is it
doing in my bag?” she mumbled.
“who kept it in my bag, and who is it
referring to? I don’t think this is for
me. maybe it mistakenly find it way
to my bag.”
She dropped the paper back in her
bag and lay on her bed. The content
of the paper kept resurfacing in her
mind and she became troubled.


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