The Married Widow

The Married Widow EP 2


Okorie refused to eat for three days.
He was growing weak. His
parents knocked at the door of his
room. He managed to open the door and sank
into the bed. His father sat beside the mother
He cleared his throat and said, look at me my
son. The world you see today did not start
yesterday. If you are not careful, you will die
before you get married. What God had proposed
for you no power or person can take it away
from you.

The water you will drink will not flow
past you: You can even do incurable harm to
your health by not eating. You should know that
a living dog is better than a dead lion.

Okorie was already sitting on his bed instead of lying
Anything that happens in this our physical world
has a spiritual design. So my son, take it as a
challenge and make sure you go for work
tomorrow. Her mother raised her two hands
towards hi “Nwam” she called, you should
not blind yourself because you don’t want to see
an enemy when your friends come around, with
what will you use in looking at them? What I
am telling you is that Alice is your wife any day any time.

So cheer up. go and take your bath
As his parents were going out, a friend of his
came. He knocked at the door and a guttural
voice ushered him in. He was also driver.
He runs the same route with Okorie, I did not see you on the road for the past three days? Have asked. I was a bit sick Yes it showed on your body. And you have lost some weight. Why
didn’t you go to see a doctor? Is Alice aware of
your sickness? Okorie nodded and laughed
Why are you laughing”His friend asked
Okorie coughed a little and said; my story is like
an evil wind that blows no good to anybody
The Alice you asked after is the cause of my
illness. She left for America yesterday
Chineke! Sule shouted.

“How did it happen? I
is a long story. She came to inform me about a
week ago that a friend of his father wanted to
take her to America. I objected but the family
members agreed that she should go. I cannot
stop her because I have not paid her bride price
I decided to put the thought aside and see if
could live a normal life without her
You will enjoy her in future, his friend
chipped in. What type of enjoyment? Okorie
asked. Have you not seen some of our villagers
who left their wife and children in search of
greener pastures? When they return, they will abandon their family.

The Married Widow
abandon their family. They live in hotels and
enjoy their life with the white girls they have
married over there or with the most beautiful girl
in town. is true, but we cannot say that the
whole bush is filled with dangerous snakes. You
have to pray so that she will remember you and
come back to marry you. ‘’The first rat has been
killed and there was no fire to roast and you
are telling them that they should not allow others
to escape”ve decided to face the challenge
and I will go to work tomorrow. Yes. Please try
and pray that God’s will be done because if God
says yes no body will say No. So let us hope
that the future will be brighter than ever
Okorie nodded his head in agreement as his
friend walked towards the door. ‘I will see you
in the morning’. Okorie said and waved at his
Alice trip to America was successful and
she had sent a message to Okorie that he should
not worry or bother about their relationship that
everything was intact. Okorie could not sleep
the day the postman gave him the letter. He was
surprised that Alice could remember him again.
He lay on his bed and spread the letter on his
chest before sleep came to his rescue
Okorie got up in the morning, prepared for
the park so that he could make the first booking.

His friend Uchenna was already at the park
received a letter from Alice. I told you that yo
should not kill yourself for nothing. But Okorie
continued “I have seen men after their marriage
in this country, they will travel abroad only
marry another white girl. They will come home
and abandon their families and friends”. But this
one is a girl. Okorie chipped in. I will only
advise you to have a spare. You know that as
drivers, when one tyre is down you replace
easily with the spare, But if the spare is not
available the driver will suffer for it. There is
wisdom in what you are saying. But I do not advice you to marry now. Okorie laughed hysterically.
Okorie called him aside and told him Don’t you know that when a goat
gets closer to the yam that it can easily eat it up?
That is why you should have waited for many
years, as she will stay.
It was Uchenna’s turn to load passengers
Some drivers were shouting at the number of his
car before he ran to the spot. I will see you
when I come back’. Okorie was not settled in
his mind. He looked at the sky, faced
downwards and said. “Does it mean I will wait
for five or six years if she decides to stay up to
that? My mates have children already. Well let
me see if it is my turn to move.

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