The Biafra I want – Nnamdi Kanu

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Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on an Exclusive interview with Dr. David Matsanga explained the type of Biafra he needs.

The Biafra I want – Nnamdi Kanu


The type of Biafra I want is the Biafra of my ancestors, the land of the free where people are allowed to pursue their daily endeavors without interference from any higher authority.

Where individual and collective autonomy of every component ethnic nationality in Biafra will be guaranteed not by law but by virtue of our existence as dignified human beings.


A Biafra that will be demilitarized, A Biafra that will be forward looking, innovative, creative, run on clean green energy not reliant on gas or petrol.

A Biafra where the police will not bear any arms. A Biafra where you will live and die and you will not see any armed Soldier in and around you.

A Genuine republican land belonging to the people. We are going to cement this in the way we structure our society. A Biafra that will attract inward investment.

A Biafra that will consider every necessity of life as being a human right not just in words but indeed.


A Biafra where there will be no strive or rancor

A Biafra where men and women will be equal regardless of your religion, their sex, their orientation.

A Biafra that will maintain open borders to every black soul in the face of this very earth.

I do agree that geographically in landmass we may not be very big, A Biafra that will an Open door policy.

Every black soul will be an honorable citizen in Biafra as long as you are not dented by terrorism.

That is the type of Biafra we want to run.

A Biafra where Europeans will sit back and say we never knew that such innovation and creativity will be possible.

A truely democratic nation, not through force but through Dialogue and negotiation at all times.

Nobody will Lord each other, my ancestors never did that is why we remain the only people not to ever conquer anyone and nobody conquered us until the white man came and our temple fell in 1904.

That is the land we are going to go back to, A Biafra of very many nations, A Biafra of autonomous nations within governing themselves according to their rules where nobody will sit at the helms of power and dictate for others what to do.

And we are going to accomplish it by the grace of Almighty in Heaven.


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