Terrible Corruption In Africa

Africa have had leaders whose intentions were to better the living conditions of their citizens and develop the continent. Those were the leaders that never had interest in stealing from their citizens, those were the leaders in whose regimes the continent was competing with other continents when it comes to development. Gone away from Africa are those good old days where corrupt individuals were openly disgraced and punished for their ill-deeds.

Corruption in Africa now is fast becoming a way of life. Nowadays in Africa, neither do government officials nor private citizens have interest in staying away from corrupt practices. This is something that has made it very easier for corruption to spread its roots in every sector of the African society.

Painfully for Africa, the victims of corruption are the ones that mostly praise, protect and defend the vectors of said act. For example, if a poor man is caught stealing regardless of the value or quantity  that poor man will be beaten nearly to death, in some instances he will be beaten to death. If a government official or a wealthy man is caught stealing similar value or quantity, the citizens will protect and defend said person to the fullest. This is one of the tragedies of Africa.

Had most African leaders had interest in the development of their various countries like the way they are so much addicted to corruption, then, by now Africa is as developed as other continents.

To be continued!!


We dipped the tip of our fingers in the river 
Only to cool her tongue, amidst her agony 
Her cracked mouth, is full of lies and deceit; 
Trouble and double evil beneath her tongue.

She conceives trouble and give birth to evil; 
Her womb only fashions deceit and betrayal. 
Our close friend in whom we put our trust, 
Drank our milk, lifted up her heel against us.

Ponder on it.

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