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Taiwo Akerele


Taiwo Akerele Obaseki’s Chief of Staff resigns

Taiwo Akerele- Obaseki Chief of Staff Resigns

Chief of Staff to Edo Governor, Godwin Obaseki, Taiwo Akerele has resigned.

He exited the government on Friday 25th April 2020, the date on his resignation letter.

Akerele explained that his decision to exit the government was based on administrative and governance grounds.

“I am solidly with His excellency Mr Godwin Obaseki in his quest to transform Edo state. His mission and vision resonate with mine.

Taiwo Akerele


“This is all I have to say, I will like to be given the opportunity to go private as I part ways administratively with the government based on principles,” he wrote.

Akerele thanked Obaseki for the opportunity to serve in the capacity.

He also thanked His Royal Majesty, Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II “for his immense leadership and support during the period I served in this capacity. May his reign be long and peaceful. Amen.”

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