Some Patience and Insecurity is gone – Buhari

Buhari Prays says, Never Again Will there be Civil War in Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians for patience as the administration is working very hard to ensure Insecurity is the thing of the past.

Muhammadu Buhari writes:

“We are working very hard to ensure the security situation in every part of Nigeria improves very soon. As part of our efforts, we are investing heavily in acquiring modern equipment. Some have arrived, some are being cleared at the Ports, and we have others still on their way.”

“Our government is doing its best on the question of equipment, and the military know. We understand the importance of properly equipping our personnel, so that they can deliver their best.”

“I ask for some patience with the acquisition of equipment, especially with the impact of Covid-19 on global supply chains. And then when the equipment arrive, we need to train personnel for their usage, ahead of deployment to the field.”

“I want all Nigerians to rest assured that we are doing our very best in this regard. You will see substantial improvements very soon. Security of the lives and property of all Nigerian people will continue to be a priority for us.”

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