Shattered hope (contemporary romance) 4

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Stella was checked in as soon as she arrived at the hospital mostly due to her condition. Her vitals were checked and she kept in the extensive care unit. Her parents had been informed and they were all in the waiting room awaiting the doctor’s report. As soon as he came out they rushed to him.

“Doctor how is she? Is the baby alright?”

“Yes she’s okay. Just unconscious but she will be fine soon”

“Thank you Doctor. Please can we see her?”

“Sure why not” he turned to show them to her room

“If you will excuse me, I have some work to get back to” the doctor told her parents as he hurried away.

They entered her room holding each other’s hand for comfort. Her mum sat by her bedside crying softly while her dad stood by the side rubbing her shoulders.

It was really hard watching their daughter stay like that the whole week and all they could do was pray for her.

Stella’s eyes fluttered open as she tried to take in her surroundings. Her mum was asleep on her dads lap while her dads head was hanging from the chair. They looked really tired and worn out. Stella would have smiled at their concern for her If not for the extreme pain in her head. Then she remembered what had happened before she blacked out.

Her husband was gone. The only man she loved has left her to face the world alone. She didn’t know how she was going to survive it neither did she know what she was going to tell her baby.

Why was life so cruel? Stella thought as she burst into tears. She cried for the baby that would never meet her father, she cried for the loneliness she felt…

Her parents woke up to her cries and rushed to her bedside trying to comfort her. But the truth was that there weren’t really any words that could comfort her in her present state. She cried until she drifted to sleep.

Stella spent the week depressed. She rarely ate anything as she had lost her appetite and was already too tired to cry. Minutes later she felt a sharp pain in abdomen. She held her tummy trying to understand what was going on when she felt it again. This time she gave out a loud scream that had nurses running to her room. She held unto the bedpost for support. Was she losing her child?
“Mrs Okoye you have to stay calm while we wheel you to the theatre. Looks like your baby is coming earlier than expected” a nurse spoke to her as she was placed in a wheel chair. Stella wondered how she was going to go through labor alone. Oh how she wish he was here.


tella gazed down at her baby girl with all the love in her heart. She couldn’t help but spill a few tears. Your daddy would have loved you she thought as she continued to look down at her. She was a very beautiful girl and was a replica of her father. Stella hadn’t even thought about a name yet, they had planned to do it together but now he wasn’t coming back even though it was very hard to believe. Before long her baby started making sounds that signified she was hungry. Stella smiled and positioned her under her breast.

Stella gently laid her sleeping baby in her crib feeling extremely grateful for her. This child was her ray of light in the darkness surrounding her. Closing the door softly she went to do the laundry to keep herself from thinking. Still yet her thoughts went to her husband. Wiping a lone tear that escape her eyes she went about her business.

Soon she heard a sound in the parlor and went to investigate. Stella stopped in her tracks when she reached the parlor. A much wounded man was standing by the sofa. His left arm was broken and he had series of cuts all over his body.

How did he even get in…?

The troubling part was that he looked really familiar. She took two steps towards him her heart beating wildly in her chest. Could it be… she shook her head to stop the thought and Stepped closer to the man who had been staring silently at her this whole time…

“Stella…” he called as she approached him

Stella froze. She would never forget that voice even if she was asleep, she was about to run into his arms when she stopped herself slightly confused.

…I thought he was dead. Could there have been a mistake, she watched him warily

As if sensing her confusion he spoke again “I couldn’t just die, I had to keep my promise…my promise of coming home back to you and our baby” his voice cracked with emotion

All doubts fled Stella’s mind as she fled into his arms. He crushed her to himself as they both broke down in tears.

“How?” she asked looking up at him

“Sweetheart it’s a long story. Just know that God sent unexpected help” he paused “Now can we go see my daughter” he looked at her adoringly.

Stella hugged him again before leading him to the nursery. She felt really glad that her husband was home. Though he was in a battered state, he was still home. It didn’t really matter how he managed to get home… All she knew was that her love was home with her and she wasn’t letting him out of her sight anytime soon. T

This is a short story written to inspire you, no matter the challenge you face, no matter how long it has lasted, don’t lose hope. Things can change for you even at the last minute.
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