SERAP Engages Campus Journalists In Fight To End Corruption in Nigeria


As drastic measures are put in place toward ending the prowess of Corruption in all system in Nigeria, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP), has urged Campus Journalists to be helpful and upright in unveiling corruption in their various institutions and environments.

The event which was themed ‘Corruption, Media Rights Violation and the Role of Student Journalists in Nigeria‘, was in conjunction with the National Union of Campus Journalists (NUCJ), under the leadership of Adeyemi Olarotimi Ibrahim.

In his remarks, the Director of SERAP, Adetokunbo Mumuni, said, “this is part of the numbers of events we have held to keep strengthening transparency, accountability as well as economic justice”. Mumuni further listed the various core strategies the foundation used as tools in the fight against corruption to include; litigation, advocacy and publication.

According to him, “we use any of these strategies depending on the context of the perceived situation”.

However, the Deputy Director, Premium Times Centre For Investigate Journalism (PTCIJ), Oluwatosin Alagbe, who presided over the theme ‘The Importance of Journalism in the Fight Against Corruption’, categorised corruption into three different phases.

She disclosed that three broad types of corruption that exist include; grand, political and petty corruption.

Emphasising on petty corruption which she claimed to be the most common type of corruption in our society, Alagbe said, “petty corruption is the daily misuse of power by low and mid-level public officials in their daily interaction with common citizens”.

“This kind of corruption thrives in all sectors such as education, political, security, economic and social sectors”, she added.

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Drawing the attention of Campus Journalists to their sensitive, vital and critical roles in their various universities and the society at large, she disclosed that their duty aside from their primary aims of being in school is to vigilantly serve as a watchdog by unleashing corruption in the education sector.

She stated, “as a Journalist who has chosen this adventurous path, you must report the important issues going on in your schools as well as your communities.


Making reference to the similar cases of petty corruption, Alagbe, challenged student Journalists to uncover unjust scenarios like examination malpractices, falsification of certificates and transcripts, hostel allocation bribery including the lecturers and staff members who are sexually harassing students.

Acknowledging the threats and repercussion that revolves around campus Journalism such as withdrawal, suspension and others, she enjoined the aspiring Journalists to be consciously up-to-task.

“Campus Journalism in whatsoever form remain the powerful tool for attitudinal change. I therefore, urged you to use this tool to implement positive social norms in your respective communities, so that we can have a Nigeria we would be proud of”, she said.


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