Scores of Nigerian soldiers killed, Many Injured as Boko Haram detonates bombs during battle

Scores of Nigerian soldiers killed, Many Injured as Boko Haram detonates bombs during battle

Some Nigerian soldiers and many terrorists have been killed by bombs detonated by Boko Haram at war front.

An unspecified number of troops were also injured in the battle that occurred on Boko Haram bases.

The locations are Kidari, Argude, Takwala, Chowalta and Galdekore.

The major operation involved Nigerian troops from Sector 1 and 21 Brigade, as well as the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF).

The contingent stormed battle grounds and opened massive fire despite stiff resistance by the terrorists.

In desperation, some of the insurgents resorted to suicide bombings. They triggered improvised explosive devices in order to push the troops back.

AUTHENTIC learnt that reinforcement – personnel and heavy equipment have been deployed to the general area.

Movement by civilians along the Maiduguri – Gwoza road has been restricted to avoid collateral damages.

The officer said the renewed determination of personnel as well as the synergy between ground and air forces were producing successful results.

Before the incidence, The once “impenetrable” stronghold of the Boko Haram terrorists, the Timbuktu Triangle, comprising Buk, Talala, Gorgi in dreaded Sambisa Forest and areas around the Lake Chad axis has been stormed by the Nigerian troops.

AUTHENTIC learnt that the week-long clearance operation through the troops of Sector 2 and Special Forces Brigade of the Nigerian Army in coordination with the Nigerian Air Force that provided aerial cover and reconnaissance duties, stormed and eliminated dozens of terrorists in the general area. The notorious Timbuktu triangle straddling Borno and Yobe States had remained notoriously impenetrable in the last four years despite efforts by the military in several previous operations.

Following the clearance operation that is still ongoing, Buk, Talala and Gorgi, all previous Boko Haram Terrorists’ strong enclaves have been liberated and dominated by the troops forcing Boko Haram commanders Ameer Modu Borzogo and Modu Sullum to flee the axis. Some abducted and vulnerable victims including women and children were rescued in the operation.


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