How to seduce a woman

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Here is a comprehensive and Practical ways you can use to seduce that woman and make her look your way…

Gone are the days, when your physical appearance was enough to seduce a woman. These days, a man has to have the gift of the gab to get the attention of the modern day woman. Women are much more open to imagination, which is why they prefer men who can drive them crazy with words. But is seducing a woman with words an easy-peasy game? Well, it is, if you follow the below tips and tricks.


1. The “Drug“ For Women

Attention is a drug to most women. They love to get attention as it gives them approval. The same way you probably like to give attention to a woman as it gives you approval when she talks to you.

Approval feels good. It shows us that we are wanted. As a result many men live the attitude of „it works well and she seems to enjoy the attention, so I give her more of it.“

In most cases it continues in a way that men either confess their feelings to women or get to keen on physical contact, with the result of the woman drawing back. Hell, I have done both mistakes for years…  But why does it happen if women actually love to get attention?

Attention is no attraction. Attraction is an intense feeling which drives us to want something….at all cost.

I like to refer to attraction as a candle and to attention as a breeze. If you gently add a slight breeze to the fire of a candle, it will blaze. But too much or too less of it and the candle will be blown out or not even inflame.

If you want to seduce a woman you always need to keep in mind that eventually it is her DECISION. She must form a thought that tells her „I want! I will let it happen.“

If you give too much by telling her how you feel about her or giving too much attention, you kill the fire and she will feel no attraction to you. She will decide against you.

If you give too less of it on the other hand, she won’t picture you and her in her mind, and she will feel no desire to go for it.

Here’s something you should never forget…

2.Massage Her While You Have A Deep Conversation

I hate to spill his secrets, but this is how my dude first seduced me. We spoke for hours about deep stuff that was important to me, all while he rubbed my feet and thighs, never creeping too far … just far enough. It was a long physical and psychological tease. I nearly guarantee this will work.


3. The tone of your voice should be soft and low

Special care has to be taken that your voice remains soft and low, when you talk to a woman with the aim of seducing her. A soft and low voice will create an atmosphere of intimacy between the two of you and will make it much easier for you to attract her. Along with that, she will be flattered by your advances.

4. Lean as close to her as possible while talking

When you lean close to your woman while talking to her, you will make her feel cherished and loved. It will give her the assurance that the seductive words are meant for her only, which is for sure sensual.


5. How to seduce a girl with eye contact

Eyes are always a powerful instrument when you want to seduce a girl. You can use your eyes to display attraction in several ways. You must always make the most of your marvelous gaze. If you are shy, then you should start everything with several brief glances. Try glances at your girl briefly, looking away, and then glance once again. Such an eye contact will show your potential girlfriend that you want her attention very much.


6. Haunt her periphery

Begin your seduction at an indirect angle. If she learns your true intentions too soon, the chances are good her barriers will shoot up. Cultivate a relatively neutral relationship that will lull her into feeling secure with you.

7.Make like Oprah and enter her spirit

Play by her rules and indulge her every whim. Chivalry is king. Adapting to her moods gives her nothing to defend or resist. Instead she will feel at home with you and lower her guard.

8. Create a sub text

Never use crude language upfront. Plan

9. Try to be witty and make her laugh

There is a thin line between being humorous and being offensive. So understand that, and then try to utilize humor in your conversations with her. Women find men, who have a good sense of humor, absolutely irresistible.

10. Compliment her with simple yet effective words

Instead of using jargons and overtly fancy words, you can compliment your girl with simple, yet effective words. Be as straightforward as possible. Some examples would be- if you like her curves then let her know; if you think her thought process is impressive then compliment her and so on.


11.Get to know her deeply. 

You have to know a woman a little better than you might think in order to seduce her with just your words. That’s because you need to know what she likes. What does she find sexy? What makes her excited? Knowing these things will help you tailor what you say so she’ll be turned on.

12. Ask suggestive questions.

However, don’t make them very obviously suggestive. The point with this is to steer her mind in a naughty direction without her realizing it. She might still figure it out, but still.

13. Getting something kills wanting it.

It’s human nature to want the things we can’t have. It triggers a desire in us and turns it into something special. As long as we can’t get it, but have it in sight, we want it.

Imagine an attractive woman gives you attention, but every time when it’s about to take the situation to the next level, she draws back.

However, she comes back to you over and over again, so your mind always sends you the picture of you and her. You think about it and create scenarios in your mind which feel so real, and which are even increased by her challenging you.

You want her even more.

If you wonder how to seduce women you will want to keep that psychology in mind as it’s hardwired in both men and women. The things we don’t have or can’t have, we want. We want them even more if we can picture them and literally feel what it would be like.

What does this all mean to you?

If you wonder how to seduce a woman, always keep the following in mind:

Give a woman attention, so that her mind drafts a picture of you and her which is so real that she can almost feel what it would be like. Then draw back and take away the attention you gave her in the first place. Let her miss it, because as you know „getting something kills wanting it“. She must want it and if she does, she will decide for you.

14. Avoid focusing on her physical appearance while talking

No doubt, it is hard to not talk about her attractive physical appearance, while you are trying to seduce her using words. But then the wise move on your part would be to avoid focusing on her physical appearance and focus on other aspects of her character and personality.

15. Use the power of technology to your advantage

Seducing a woman over phone or via text messages can be a thrilling experience for the both of you. Call her or text her when you are in the right mood so that your excitement can be expressed in your words. Without being face-to-face, you will be able make her imagination run wild.


16.Become a man of mystery

Most men are way too obvious. Become more enigmatic. Stir her interest by sending mixed signals. Master the art of insinuation.

17. Fire her desire

Awaken her senses by combining nonchalance with a charged sexual presence. Never force anything physical. Instead lure her into lust, let her believe she is seducing you.

18. Be unpredictable

The moment a woman knows what to expect from you, your enchantment becomes tarnished. Keep her in suspense then thrill her with a sudden change in direction.

19. Intrigue her

Lofty declarations can raise a woman’s suspicions. Disarm her instead with thoughtful gifts tailored just for her or subtle gestures that show how much attention you have been paying her. Any restraint on her part will soon be flung to the winds.

20. Make your move

The moment has arrived. You can tell she clearly desires you but is not willing to admit it openly, let alone act on it. She stands closer to you. She looks into your eyes. Overwhelm her with a bold move. Gently draw her towards you, kiss her on the mouth. Provided you haven’t misread the signals, she’s yours for the taking. However, if she slaps you in the face, it might be prudent to leave quietly and find yourself another, more willing target. Practice makes perfect!

21. Try to appeal to her emotional side

Women are known to have an emotional side which makes them sensitive and receptive. So you have to mould your conversation in such a way that her emotional side gets triggered and she starts feeling an attachment towards you.

Instead of freezing up in front of an beautiful, gorgeous woman, you must harness your conversational skills in order to seduce the woman suitably. Make sure that the entire atmosphere around the two of you is flirtatious and fun so that you can eventually think about getting intimate with each other.


22. Behave as if she already likes you

Indeed, when you behave as if a girl already likes girls, you have a male attraction. The attitude of the opposite sex begins to change greatly and you notice how they become more interested in initiating communication. This is the strongest of all advice. But in order to feel its power, it is necessary to apply it in practice.

23. Don’t give up

Even if you failed during your acquaintance, this is not an excuse for retreating. Ladies appreciate men’s confidence and perseverance. But don’t overdo with this: presenting gifts, excessive attention, and care, you may get unpleasant consequences. You may start annoying her.

24. Find out about her interests and tastes

Prepare something unexpected for her. Discuss with a girl a topic that causes her interest. A lady will be happy to contact if you convince her that you have many common interests, the same values and worldview. This is how to seduce a difficult woman.

26. Be a reliable guy

Every girl thinks that a good guy is a guy who can protect both himself and his girlfriend. A reliable guy will always save her from unnecessary problems. But don’t overdo with the help at the very beginning of a relationship. You must be a guy that can help and not a kid who always helps if she smiles at him. Just stay connected. Every time she has an important event in her life, she must share it with you.

27. Make compliments

At any age, girls like gallant men who are slightly fascinated by their naivety. Courtesy should become an integral part of your image and not something special when you try to seduce a girl. The best compliment is your eyes. You made an appointment with a girl, she spent several hours preparing, you met her, said a compliment and went for a walk. It is an ordinary situation. Now imagine that a girl sees your astonished eyes when meeting and hears the phrase that you say with a slightly stuttering voice: “You look good”. She will be in seventh heaven with happiness as her efforts and preparations amaze you.

28. Make her trust you

The main skill that you need is the ability to competently communicate with a girl. Each girl has a whole set of events in the past, which she hesitates to tell. That’s why you need to hear this. If she tells you this and you calmly react to it, she will begin to trust you. This can be achieved if you tell a few funny and shy moments from your life. Thus, you give her a little hint that you are ready to hear about this. This is a king of game in giveaway. Any difficult girl will like this.

29. Show a girl a little approval

A girl may look calm and confident, but she would like to hear words of approval for her behavior. Therefore, you should know how to say pleasant phrases in time: “I like you” or “You’re cool”. They don’t show your mood, but a girl gets approval from you..


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