Rape: Izuchukwu Madubueze Reads Suicide Note Before Killing Self Over False Accusation (VIDEO)

Izuchukwu Madubueze

A promising young man who goes by the name Izu Madubueze has committed suicide after being falsely accused by a social media Influencer but before taking his life he recorded the Suicide note.

Izu Madubueze
Izuchukwu Madubueze

Izu Madubueze was into fashion, and grew his business from sewing in his house to owning a warehouse, AUTHENTIC NEWS GIANT learnt.

Izu Madubueze
Rape: Izu Madubueze Reads Suicide Note Before Killing Self Over False Accusation

A Twitter user, Tenacity, has shared a video of Izuchukwu Madubueze reading his suicide note before committing suicide over false rape accusations as ‘RIP Izu’ trends.

Izuchukwu Madubueze, a Nigerian entrepreneur, shot himself dead in Florida over an allegation of sexual assault, US police said.

Here’s a video from Izu Madubueze with his last words. To those of you who said everything was a lie, shame on you. To those of you who fabricated stories here, shame on you. Many people have mental health challenges. It only takes one thing to tip them over the edge.

“I wasn’t ever given a fair chance to clear my name or explain my side of the story or verify whether any of the allegations against me were true or not” – Izu

“…this whole situation reiterates why I don’t need to be here …. I still maintain that I don’t know how or the person who said I sexually harassed her….” – Izu

“….to the girls who posted the list, thank you for posting the list. …I can’t shoot the massager. You denied me the opportunity to clear my name…” – Izu

“….understand what a safe place is first before you claim to create it… to everyone who reached out and tried to hear my side of the story, to everyone who supported me, thank you – it wasn’t in vain, I just don’t have much to live for” – Izu



The family of Izuchukwu Madubueze would like to thank everyone immensely for their heartfelt condolences and concerns over the loss of our dear son. The loss of our son and brother presented itself as a rude shock which caused us incalculable pain and sorrow.

Sincerely, a part of us has been chipped away forever, Izu was a truly inspiring and kind hearted young man who always tried to positively impact the lives of everyone he came across. He was accused of “Non-Physical Sexual Assault” and had his name added on an unauthorized “Sex Offenders/Rape List”.

Pleading his innocence, Izu tried his best to reach out to his anonymous accuser and the peddler of this list but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He battled with the unimaginable pain of seeing his credible name and brand which he had laboured to build for Six years go to waste over these questionable allegations which go against his family and societal values.

Broken by the stigma of these events, he chose to depart this world. Nevertheless, while we grieve and await the conclusion of an ongoing police investigation, we hereby request that respect be granted to the deceased and urge everyone to desist from making all forms of defamatory comments and write-ups against Izu.

As for those involved in peddling these allegations against Izu, be rest assured we have forgiven you all HOWEVER we cannot stop justice from taking its full course. Nobody else has to be a victim of false rape accusations whatsoever.

Nobody else has to go through this unimaginable pain in a bid to clear their name!!! Rest In the bossom of God Almighty Izull!
Our family will be at peace so long as the death of our beloved son serves as a deterrent to all forms of false accusations especially false rape accusations by people with sinister motives. We appreciate your heartfelt support. Thank You.
The Madubueze Family


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