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Racksterli: The New Online Scam trend: On the 25th of August 2020, 15:38:51 the first launch of Racksterli was released with 2114 members.

Before I continue on this Review let me introduce myself, I am Talknlive and have been reviewing top scam projects and establishment which has today closed.

Allow me take you into this article as I will always tell my reader, read with Common sense and not with emotions.

The Domain Name: racksterli.com was bought and registered on the 12th June 2020 and went live and discoverable among Search engine networks in August 2020.

The domain name was registered by Micheal chidiebere living at 8b Celestine Ofunne Street, Lagos State Nigeria with the phone number +234.7052714009 and Email address; [email protected]

Some Top Scams of recent has people profiles on them, Even registered businesses all listed on the website but at last it all boils down to be a major scam  that breaks the heart of many gullible, ignorant and greedy individuals.

What is Racksterli – The Scam trend

Racksterli is a Ponzi programme that  claims to pay members for promoting products with your social media account. They help different companies promote their products and services online. In other words, racksterli is an advertising firm they act as middle men between Advertisers and members who turn to become Publishers of the Adverts.

But do they really do the stuff they claim to do.

According to them, they reward users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots. They claim to use the power of the internet to help members make money online.

Well, you should know that a website is likely scam if they promise to give too much Return on Investment ROI. In the case of racksterli, they promise to give $1.9 or $3.9 ROI depending on the package you choose. That’s around 57% or 117% per month that’s so much whooping and you still trust it gonna stay for long.

So You as a member of the platform have you been able to share any of the Sponsored post of the So companies they do run advertisement for, I think you are following.

Before you join any income program or invest your hard earned resource, it’s important to know if it’s worth joining. As a result, this is one of the questions you’ll be asking.

You need to know if they can be giving such return without crashing anytime soon and how safe is your money, are they reliable.

They are so many reasons Racksterli will crash soon or should I say it is a major advanced scam, They don’t have a real certification, They claim to be a marketing company with no qualification, Too much return on investment.

So How is the Racksterli Scam Runned

All the previous scam and this Racksterli have same business or scam model; The money taken from new members is what they use to pay earlier investors. As a result, the platform eventually crashes when the rates at which people join drops or stop. This means that racksterli is not sustainable. It’s just a ponzi scheme.

You should be asking your self where are those partners and why are they not listed on their website, maybe story for another day.

Racksterli pay you for sharing business advert on your facebook timeline. The advert you’ll be sharing will generate more customers for the company. This also means more earning for racksterli and its members, I laugh in german

According to them, people, companies and corporate business partner with racksterli for advert placement. And what you just have to do is share the ads to your Facebook page daily. As a result, you’ll be earning interest daily.


You may be convinced to believe that it’s not a scam. But trust me; it will likely end in Premium tears anytime soon. I’ll advise you to join only if you can bear the risk behind it.

Thank you for reading and help me to share to save someone from heart break ni.

Happy 2021.


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