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So I have been hearing and re-hearing Racksterli everyday and the funny thing is that any day I slide to my WhatsApp and Facebook Status I must surely see invest in Racksterli this and Racksterli that and become a millionaire. So I kept wondering what is this this Racksterli and how do they want to make Nigerians, Africans Millionaires.

I then saw that Racksterli team are lying and deceiving individuals into putting in their hard earned money into what I termed “cruise”, we all know how people catch cruise these days but this type of cruise is costly because it involves people Money.

But Nevertheless, Some Nigerians are so much in affinity to become rich day break and lo they forget the evolution of the Ponzi schemes that have come, gone and will still come. What you should know is that they have related business model/operations.

I have written before concerning this Racksterli of a thing and I received numerous gbas gbos, dragged like a generator but on this one I have made series of Investigations and I plea you follow me through to the end of the article understand in details.

So I went back far back to 2020 August when this Scam was introduced because I wanted to Understand How this company makes their money, how the double their money and how they pay their “Investors” lo and behold I got 97% of what I was looking for and I am here to share them.

How Does Racksterli Makes Money

Before you can invest in any business, trends or anything that involves money and finance always ask for their business model and operations. How do they sustain their business and then you decide to risk your money for such.

As for Racksterli a dig up into their Website show that Racksterli Promises to pay 170% of Return of Investment. Oh my gosh that way to big.

Racksterli 170% ROI

So what Racksterli means that as a user if I registers for 14,000 Standard package as of 2020, I will get a whooping sum of 23,800 doing nothing.

Solution for what is 170% of 14000

(14000/x)*x=(100/170)*x       – we multiply both sides of the equation by x
14000=0.58823529411765*x       – we divide both sides of the equation by (0.58823529411765) to get x

now we have:
170% of 14000=23800

I said the user will make 23800 doing nothing, I know you will want to say No, you do share adverts on Facebook, that’s is so much laughable- You only share Racksterli Adverts and not any Third party adverts. No company has ever come to them for Advert placement. So you begin to ask your self how do they make this money to pay such a huge amount of money to users. IT’S SIMPLE.

The ANSWER to this was boldly written on their terms and condition page as of 2020. They say they make their Money via Coupons registration. So how is the coupon registration capable of sustaining this whole SCAM. IT’s ALSO SIMPLE.

Okon Registers in Racksterli and pays 14,000, John Registers and Pay 14,000 too then, Mirabel Registers and Pay same amount of 14,000 so you see Racksterli takes the money of John and Mirabel to pay off Okon, this is simply robbing John and Miracle to pay Okjon right. Next Question is how do they now pay John and Mirabel, they will also wait for more users like, Ike, Michael, Freedom and co. to invest their money for the Recycling to keep going forth but the BIG QUESTION – FOR HOW LONG?.

So the Recycling Process has been going through not until I heard of Upgrade and they I remember other Ponzi Schemes and how they ended.

The Crash of Racksterli – It will never Remain the same

First I discovered that their Official Instagram page is no longer available. It is no where to be found

Racksterli Instagram
Racksterli Instagram


The Instagram page with over 174,900 followers was gone as it was last noticed on the internet on the 2nd of February 2021, following suit their Official Website Racksterli.com was also gone. Don’t worry your self nothing happened to the website all these are tricks to run away.

Racksterli Website
Racksterli Website

So what happened next, they started creating duplicate websites, yes they did, the created ocmgold, racksterli.org and many more all in the bid to decentralize attention that they are upgrading this is because the influx of people who are to invest to sustain the Scheme is no longer happening.

Remember That The Creator of this scam has once said recently that even if people are not investing anymore that the billions they have can repay everyone X3, That’s sweet business strategy.

Not Quite long Racksterli released a statement alleging that they lost tons of money to Hackers, Isn’t that laughable.

Racksterli does not accept payment in their website so how was the Hackers able to divert money to others on their website. All these are strategies to run away.

Meanwhile the statement reads ” Unfortunately, Racksterli lost 27.9 Billion to hackers After an unknown Virus was sent to the Website in about 4 weeks ago. They also lost 12 Billion to hackers from their Banking Institution.”

“The Sources of these Malicious attacks are unknown and are being traced as we speak.”

“The New Website on Construction is also facing problems with a malicious attack similar to Ddos-type attacks.”

“We got an anonymous message from an unknown and untraceable source that the Racksterli Project must be halted permanently but we are not throwing in the Towel anytime soon as we owe thousands of followers our Trust and will fight this till the end!”

“Racksterli is also on a Case with the Federal Government as the Scheme has ignited 3.2% Inflation in the Country’s economy and some accounts belonging to the Team has been Frozen by the CBN till further Notice unfortunately.”

“The Partners of Racksterli on Real Estate investments are unable to sign agreements on some properties and this is causing huge delays on Assets Revenue to pay up subscribers.”

“Do well to be patient as these might take months to resolve We might begin payment by batches when we resume.”


Racksterli does not have a centralized Bank Account that it receives money with as it is different people who sells Coupon codes so how then was their Account traced and frozen still laughable.

This article will be updated in no distant time stay tuned.


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