Prioritize Members appointments - UK APC urges. 1

Prioritize Members appointments – UK APC urges.

THE United Kingdom branch of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged the basic leadership of the party not to forget members who worked for its 2019 election victory.

Speaking at a conference in Lagos, its chairman, Dr. Philip Edaewor, pressed on to the party to consider them , adding that their interest was being neglected in appointments’ consideration.

Edaewor said it was unfair for the party to give preference to technocrats and non-party members. He said: “Over the weeks, we have watched in utter amazement as our vibrant party members who work hard, spend their time and resources to get our party into government only to be neglected.

“Members of the opposition and the so-called technocrats who were either vehemently opposed to our party’s manifesto and vision have suddenly become the darling of our party leaders in deciding who gets what.


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“We as leaders of our party in the Diaspora fully stand with the leadership of our party on this issue of ensuring that party members become the first consideration for appointments to run and drive our party’s aim and manifesto for the good of Nigeria.”

Edeawor said offering appointments to those who stood in opposition to the party’s vision was counter-productive, noting it would result in ill-feelings among loyal members.

He added: “We do not accept that, people who hold opposing political ideologies or non can effectively mobilise or motivate Nigerians to move our country to the next level of political and economic growth away from the corruptive rentier attitude to National development that has hitherto characterised governance in Nigeria.

“We also fully and unequivocally support our party members who have become positively vocal in calling for an end to the doctrine of “monkey dey work baboon dey chop” cliché. We again firmly agree with them that party members must have the prerogative in serving in an APC government at all levels.

‘The idea of a political party in government shopping for candidates to serve in her government from the opposition is strange to multiparty democracy and it is an unhealthy concept to the growth, maturation and stability of our democracy.

“The evidences are there from nations with more matured multiparty democratic experiences from around the world, that when a party wins an election, she will actively ensure that political offices are filled by members/supporters of the party, not by people from the opposition.”

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