Pinkoin Inventor iBSmartify Nigeria to Partner with Glo Nigeria

Pinkoin Inventor iBSmartify Nigeria to Partner with Glo Nigeria

iBSmartify Nigeria the parent organisation that invented Pinkoin, Inknation and Inkledger for ending poverty in any country in less than 9 months incentivising goodness, promoting love, unity, oneness, peace and equitable distribution of wealth has just announced another move to partner with Globacom Limited.

Omotade Spark the Founder and Chief Executive Officer CEO disclosed partnership with Glo Nigeria while addressing the Inknation Community Via a virtual meeting.

Inknation also disclosed that PinKoin will pay every single Nigerian, African and the World.

Meanwhile The Securities and Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC Nigeria) has put out a cautionary statement warning the public of illegal products of InksNation, the most popular being Pinkoin, a crypto scam in Nigeria.


Omotade Spark also disclosed that he is also going to partner with other corporate bodies but starting With Glo Nigeria.

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“We are partnering with Community for Peace and Corrupt Free Society (CPCFS) and that partnership is also leading to another one with an indigenous mobile network (GLO) to give us customized SIMs with the name of our choice.”

Glo Partnership Offer To Inksnation

These SIMs come with unlimited free calls within members on a monthly subscription of just N600 per person. You just need to subscribe just 600 monthly and you get free unlimited calls for the whole month.

Also, GLO will be providing:
1. KYC training for all our Exchangers who will in turn run KYC for all other members giving, them biometrics and also t NIMC registration.
2. Customized SIM for every member which we can do unlimited calls between fellow members and lots more.

And all these and more we will get at a token of just N2,000 per person where the N200 of the exchanger will also be deducted from and paid to the exchanger.

We are going to conclude on the name of the customized sim but we must also conclude on the cost of this sim per member.

It is still not clear if the N2,000 for the Glo CUG sim will be made with Inksnation’s pinkoin or with the fiat Naira but from all indications, allowing the payment to be made with the pinkoin cryptocurrency will boost the mass adoption of the coin faster than planned.

How to Register for Pinkoin (Inknation)

  1. Register/Sign UP here
  2. Contact our exchanger on WhatsApp to subscribe to any of the packages (Silver, Gold, or Diamond packages) or upgrade if you registered as a bronze member. email: [email protected]
  3.  Do you want to be an Exchanger Contact email: [email protected]


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