Peter Okoye, Mr P Under Attack

Mr P

Nigerian music star, Peter Okoye, popularly known as Mr. P has come under attack over his latest statement on the social media.

Mr. P, on Wednesday night took to his Twitter page, disclosing that since he parted ways with his brother, he has had peace of mind and aged backward.

He also attacked those criticising and comparing his success with that of Rudeboy.

“Did you all notice since I went solo and became Mr. P I started aging backward. It is called PEACE OF MIND and drinking more water and minding my business.

“Broke people thinking they have an opinion, hustle make you no go dey advice Dangote how to do business,” Mr. P wrote.

However, this did not go down well with some Nigerians who described Mr. P as childish, while others began a trend comparing the Psquare brothers.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter:

@Mr_chidiebere “Those broke people are the ones that bought your CD’s and downloaded your music and attended your shows and you made money. I remember how broke you and your brother were back in the days when I saw you in port Harcourt eating together from a plate of Indomie.”

@Jezzyking13 “The truth is bitter, how do you know anyone is broke and who told you Dangote doesn’t get advice.”

@Imam “Those comparing Rudeboy and Mr. P, there’s actually no comparison. Rudeboy has always been the better half and he’s still till today. Very humble, mature and less dramatic too.”

@Benyzglobal1 “Mr. P I have Commented on your post last time giving you advice concerning how you always blast your followers, Again I repeat one adage that says, Let your Success Speak For You, Don’t always quarrel with people with the reply you get from them when you brag.”

@David “Rude Boy is better that’s Indebatable. It took separation for us to know who was better in Plantashun Boiz the same with Psquare.

“Rude Boy has been the driving force of PSquare over the Years. It’s evident.”

@Numez_onumo “Let’s stop this baseless comparison. Both of them are good. Let’s not pit one brother to another.”

@Iam_zim “Rudeboy will always be better, Mr. P is forcing the whole shit on himself.”

@Lemmysong “Rudeboy is better, he is more successful as a solo artist than Mr. P. Rudeboy is the one carrying Psquare all these years but Rudeboy has no award thus far. Mr. P has with his “Ebeano”

“Just admit you don’t like Mr. P… For me, both are doing well for themselves.”

@Aiijays “It’s easily the one with meaningless lyrics and slangs is Rudeboy and the one with not so meaningful lyrics that likes jumping everywhere as if he’s dancing is Mr. P.”

@Iyke4uu “Mr. P needs to understand that making money and making good music is not entirely the same! Rudeboy makes better music and this their Quarrel is becoming Too childish and stupid! They need to grow up!

@Silentparrot “Rudeboy is busy dropping hit songs back to back, Mr. P is busy talking about their separation. This Mr. P of a man is childish aswear, he should move on already, if you tell him the truth now, he will end up calling you broke.”

@Thesegun1 “How will you say you’re not pained and still be stressing out how un-pained you are and from the response self you’ll know this Mr p is just childish.”


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