Peace of Mind – M-star Mp3 Download

Peace of Mind - M-star Mp3 Download

In what seem to be a mind blowing release by M-star, Peace of Mind a song that every one needs now.

The Economic, Social and Political happenings has aggravated emotions in the society and a song like this reminds us and tell us we really need Peace of mind.

Including in our personal relationships, Peace of Mind is needed.

Peace of Mind by M-star Lyrics

Every day I put it on a count down
When ever I reduce on a life sperm
Watin I go reason nama next time?
Cuz I have a lot of bigi chance naw

But I no go like to day waste time
Cuz I have a lot of dreaming out their

Every time I talk is not a good time
People just day reason plenty matas


Plenty talk and plenty Yan
Wen I need to cool my mind
Every day I just day cry
Cuz I need to free my mind


All night I day try to calm my self and others
Keep my head above the water and all that
Watin go happen if I day alright

I say for night
I no fit to sleep another dull night
Had to go to club and spend my all night
Killing and depression na the same mind.

2nd verse

Every day I try to be cool
Every day i try to put the people on a hash tag.
No be say I no fit to day Cruz
Na say anytime I try I no fit to calm down
Can’t think straight As I day my hood
Smoking cigarettes as I day my room
When I hear the the voice I need to bow down
Praying to my God and my father

When I build a company
People tryno tell say I’m too funny
But I don’t joke with my family
In the crisis of my country.

When I put my head on the ground
Peace of mind na the way to life, I need to find am
Mama know say me I just day cry out…
Cuz I’m suffering from depression and I need to file out.

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