PDP reps beats Impeachment drum for Buhari over Insecurity

Buhari has 99 problems, but Twitter is not one of them

The Impeachment drum is now rolling for Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari, the Peoples’ Democratic Party PDP in the Nigeria House of Representative seems to be beating it so hard for him.

The People Democratic party Caucus in the House of reps is demanding impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over Nigeria’s security challenges.

The caucus said in a statement on Sunday the president is guilty of “gross incompetence and continuous breach” of his constitutional powers to ensure the security of Nigerians.

They likened him to Emperor Nero, an emperor of ancient Rome who is fabled to have “fiddled while Rome burned”.

The lawmakers hinged their call on the recent Boko haram attack in Borno during which more than 40 farmers were killed.

Kingsley Chinda, leader of the caucus, asked Nigerians to “wake up” their representatives in the legislative chamber to commence Buhari’s impeachment process.

“The PDP caucus in the House of Representatives has observed with deep pain the dastardly attacks on poor farmers, which have continued unabated across the vast swathes of northern Nigeria, which act came to a sad climax over the weekend in Zabarmari, near Maiduguri, North-East Nigeria,” he said.

“While President Buhari idles in the typical fashion of Emperor Nero as our country burns, questions must be asked about his capacity to lead at a time that our country desires robust and responsible leadership that can pull it from the brink and rescue it from the debilitations of insurgents, terrorists, bandits and kidnappers.
“We call on Nigerians across tribes, religions and political parties to wake up their National Assembly members and compel them to commence impeachment process against President Buhari to save Nigeria.”

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The impeachment call is coming just days to the expected appearance of the president before the green chamber — after they summoned him.

In what would be the first time in his administration, the president is appearing to brief the lawmakers on efforts being made to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges.

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