PDP Chairman, Ayu Didn’t Make Mistake, He Really Meant That PDP Brought Shame To Nigeria – Governor Wike


Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has said that the national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Iyorchia Ayu’s statement that the party brought shame to Nigeria is not a gaffe but an authentic remark that comes from the abundance of his heart.

AuthenticReporters had reported Thursday that during the PDP’s presidential campaign rally in Kano State, Ayu goofed when he said “PDP has brought us shame.”


Reacting to Ayu’s statement, Governor Wike who is leading five aggrieved governors of the party, who had vowed to work against the presidential candidate of the party on ground of unfair treatment of the South, said he spoke out of the abundance of his heart.

He said that the PDP national chairman might want to defend it as a slip, however the remark confirmed that as an “undertaker, his likes came back to kill the PDP.”


Governor Wike spoke Friday during the campaign inauguration of the Rivers State PDP Campaign Council for Eleme Local Government Area held at the Community Secondary School Field, Alode Town, Eleme.

Wike said: “When you see undertakers you will know those who came to kill this party. But the party will not die, they will die first. I didn’t know they are wicked to this party, no wonder they left this party and joined ACN before.

“He (Ayu) said they will not allow PDP to be in power. Is that a good chairman? Is that not anti-party? Is the chairman not doing anti-party. Out of the abundance of the heart, the month speaks. For us in Rivers State, our own party is a good party. Our own is a party that has done Rivers State well.”

Wike also spoke about the poor implementation of naria redesign policy implementation and the socioeconomic hardship that it had caused the people.


The governor said those supporting the poorly implemented naira redesign policy were enemies of the people and the country.

Wike wondered why the national leadership of the PDP, an opposition party that should always side with the people in the quest to return to power at the federal government level, would support the anti-people policy.

He said that the PDP in Rivers would always side with the Nigeria masses because it could not identify and support policy that had been implemented to aggravate the suffering of the people.


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