An Otellectual is a slang used to depict a person who brings words together and claims they have written or published a piece worthy and wanting to be called Intellectuals.

An Otellectual  can be used to describe a person who claims to be intellectual but he or she is not.

An Otellectual is some who reason from the buttocks

An Otellectual is someone who think he or she can write very well but seriously they are not objective.

An Otellectual is someone who speaks long grammar thereby making themselves look very stupid before the reality on ground.

Otellectuals are people claiming to be intellectuals without any intellect but speaking big big English to confuse their listeners for the benefits of their pay masters or just to be politically correct in an apolitical contraption like the Zoo called Nigeria

The meaning of the root of the word which is Otele or Otule as the case maybe.
The root is an Igbo word for anus.
Therefore Otellectual is a person who reasons from the anus and whose position on issues is not only absurd, but stinks like feces.

Plural: Otellectuals

Examples: You are an Otellectual

I am not an Otellectual

They are Otellectuals.

After tonight, many otellectuals will diminish the more.


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