Okuama’s Cry: Army Identifies Mastermind, But Leaves Community Reeling – Prof. Muoboghare’s Plea for Justice

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As I sit down to recount the tragic events that unfolded in Okuama on that fateful day of March 14th, my heart weighs heavy with sorrow and disbelief. Prof Patrick Muoboghare’s words echo in my mind, his voice trembling with emotion as he speaks of the unfathomable loss and unanswered questions that haunt us all.

The story of Okuama is not just one of boundary disputes or military actions gone awry. It is a story of lives shattered, families torn apart, and a community left reeling in the wake of senseless violence. As Prof Muoboghare so poignantly expresses, the true narrative of that day remains elusive, obscured by conflicting accounts and unverified claims.


But amidst the confusion and uncertainty, one fact remains undeniable: seventeen brave soldiers, including their battalion commander, were brutally taken from us. Their lives were extinguished in a blaze of gunfire, and their dreams and aspirations were snuffed out in an instant. And yet, in the aftermath of this tragedy, the search for truth has been mired in secrecy and suspicion.

The questions linger like a dark cloud overhead, casting doubt on the intentions of those entrusted with our safety. Why were these soldiers dispatched to Okuama without the involvement of local leaders and authorities? Why were other stakeholders not consulted in the pursuit of peace? And most importantly, who is responsible for the deaths of these courageous men?


The assertion that the soldiers were unarmed, sent on a mission of peace, rings hollow in the face of such devastation. How can we believe that they were not equipped to defend themselves when their assailants struck with deadly precision? The narrative of a distress call leading them into a trap only adds to the sense of betrayal and injustice that pervades our community.

But perhaps most troubling of all is the insinuation that Okuama itself is complicit in this tragedy. Suggesting that our people would turn against those who swore to protect them is not just false but insulting. We are a community bound by tradition and honor, not treachery and deceit.

As we mourn the loss of our fallen heroes, we must also demand accountability from those in power. The Chief of Defence Staff may express his condolences, but words alone cannot heal the wounds inflicted upon our souls. We need action, not empty promises, to ensure justice is served and such a tragedy never occurs again.

Let us unite in our grief and determination to seek the truth. Let us honor the memory of those we have lost by demanding transparency and accountability from those who hold sway over our lives. And let us never forget the sacrifices made by those brave soldiers who gave their all in service to their country.


In the end, it is not just the fate of Okuama that hangs in the balance, but the very soul of our nation. Will we allow injustice to prevail or rise up and demand the truth? The choice is ours, but the consequences will echo through the ages.


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